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FnF Flip Car (100% Functional)

FnF Flip Car (100% Functional)
Added On May 21, 2024
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File updated on: May 22, 2024

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This car replaces None (Addon car)


Fast and Furious Flip Car

Converted from CSR Racing 2, GTA V

Addon version ONLY



• Can flip cars, trucks, cops, everything. Nothing will ever stop you.

• Reproduce a sequential gearbox shift time (Shifts way faster and more "aggressively" than vanilla cars)

• Modded engine sound (Beware, it's really LOUD.)

• Cockpit view (Replace Hood cam)

• Slightly customizable

• Available at the beginning of the game

• Cost 0

• No LODs parts

• Doesn't supports body scratches but windows can break

• Working brake lights texture

• Proper performance and handling data

• Anti-theft 3D logo



• Body Kits

• Rims

• Hoods (Front Ramp)

• Roof

• Rim Paint (Only for vanilla rims)

• Window Tint

• Custom Gauges

• Performance

• Tires (Only for vanilla rims)

• Neon


• Rear Bumper

• Spoiler

• Exhaust

• Rear Subframe

• Front Subframe

• Air Filter (Intake)



• If you activate the speedbreaker just before hitting another

vehicule from the front, your car will be sent to the moon instead.

(Don't use speedbreaker)

• Highway cabins (Idk the english word) are the only things that

can stop you. For some reason the collisions are messed up,

so try to avoid them if you don't want to be sent to the moon again.



• Ton Roosendaal | Blender

• Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball | GIMP

• Oleg Melashenko | ZModeler

• nfsu360 | NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-TexEd, NFS-VltEd

• Arushan | NFSMW-ModTools and the Mod Loader

• MaxHwoy | Binary

• ASC/nfsu360 | NFS Texture Compiler Modified

• Imagination Developers | PVRTexTool

• Luigi Auriemma | QuickBMS

• Perfare | Asset Studio

• RaduMC | M3G2FBX

• Autodesk | FBX Converter

• EA Games | NFS Saga, Real Racing 3

• NaturalMotion | CSR Racing 2

• Rockstar Games | GTA Saga

• [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo a.k.a Saikou | Spending way to much time editing and converting this car 💀


Glory For Modding.


  • Version 1.1 uploaded May 22, 2024

    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo uploaded a new version. The new file is 8.08 MB.

    - Fixed a bug that made carbon fiber invisible
  • Initial version uploaded May 21, 2024

    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo, Saikou uploaded initial version. The original file is 8.08 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • Terminator_Vasya - 25 days ago
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    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo24 days ago

    * Addon version ONLY
    * Arushan | NFSMW-ModTools and the Mod Loader

    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 24 days ago
      User Date
      Terminator_Vasya24 days ago

      Well, in my credits you can see the programs or tools that I use frequently, not just the ones that I used specifically for this car. You can see Quick BMS, M3G2FBX and so on, but actually, i did not used these programs to convert this car, but i use them very often to do other sutff.

      Edit : And yes of course it's a gain of time to reuse the same list, if it's your real question.

      edited by [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo 24 days ago

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