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2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia
Added On May 19, 2020
Views 19,406
Downloads 2,696
Version Most Wanted
Brand Ferrari
Favorited 5 times
Average Rating
10/10 - 4 votes
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

This car is converted from NFS Shift, Forza Horizon 4, NFS Heat

Can be customized with:

- Performance

- Bodykits

- Spoilers(+ new spoilers in Tuner and Sport categories)

- Visuals

- Rims(+ new in 5Zigen FN01R 17'-19'; 5Zigen 5ZR 17'-19')


- NFS UC Driver model

- Working brakelight texture

- LOD parts

- Scratches

- New performance data


To make your add-on cars work properly, you will need NFS MW Unlimiter script:

1) Extract all content of the archive;

2) Download and unpack Ed - The Car Dealer! (Https://;

3) Copy Config and Resources folders to the Ed - The Car Dealer! folder;

4) Run "Ed.exe" as administrator

4a) Press Ctrl+O or click Main > Open to select your game installation directory

4b) Unlock the game for modding (Tools> Unlock Game Files For Modding) if you use mods for the first time or have any issues

5) Now press Alt+A, click "Add Cars" button or click Tools > Add Cars from Config File(s).

5a) Ed now should do everything required to add the cars you want.

5b) If the "New cars added successfully." dialog appears, it means that Ed completed his job.

6) Download and install the latest version of NFS-VltEd (, run and select your game installation directory if you use it first time (File-Open), then install required mod files(File-Import- Mod Script) and select Install.nfsms file. Click Install. Wait for installation to complete and save changes(File-Save). Close NFS-VltEd.

7) Run the game, create a new save game and enjoy your new car!


SMS/Playground Games/Ghost - mesh & textures

G.L. - Liberty Walk kit and spoiler, rim models from NFS Heat

eModder and the rest my friends - for help and tips

nfsu360 - for NFS ToolKit, NFS-VltED

nlgzrgn - Ed - The Car Dealer!

Oleg Melashenko - for ZModeler 1.0.7.& 2.2.5

Eclipse 72rus aka CorvetteZ06 - converting to NFS MW

Visitor Comments

  • J4M3S19 - 3 years ago
    User Date
    hi eclipse there is a remastered version of this car just to let you know there is a problem with the geometry and textures bin they dont work also the car cant be converted to addon because of the geometry and textures bin on the on the other hand this car works but its missing the liberty walk bodykit with the logos
    • gl4disme - 3 years ago
      User Date
      This is already an what are you talking about...
    • J4M3S19 - 3 years ago
      User Date
      i know this is addon im talking about the blue remastered version thats on here
  • JG Blue 1509 - 1 year ago
    User Date

    hey eclipse72rus can i convert your ed car (deprecated method) to binary addon car


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