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Cadillac Sixteen Concept

Cadillac Sixteen Concept
Added On November 30, 2023
Views 3,292
Downloads 430
Version Most Wanted
Brand Cadillac
Favorited 5 times
Average Rating
9.8/10 - 8 votes
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File updated on: December 24, 2023

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This car replaces None (Addon car)

Imported from: I have no idea

Cost: 275000

Unlocked at:After beating Ronnie

Unlimiter Compatible: V4


For the mod to work properly, you need 2 mods:

Viper4k Resource Pack

Attachment Icon Pack


Custom Sounds, Stock and fully tunable

Custom Performance


// Base:

/ Bodykits (Stock + 2)

/ Spoilers (Stock + 1 Custom)

/ Rims

/ Interior (Just Stock)

/ Hoods (Just Stock)

/ Roof Scoops

/ Roof (Stock + 3 Custom )

/ Side Mirrors (Stock + 6 Custom)

/ Headlights (Stock + 5 Custom)

/ Taillights (Stock + 2 Custom)

/ Paint

/ Vinyls (512/1024px vinyls)

/ Window tint

/ License Plate

/ Tires

/ Brakes

// Attachments

/ 2 Roll Cages (Slot 1)

/ 10 Seats (Slot 2)

/ 10 Seats (Slot 3)

/ 2 Trunks (Slot 4)

/ 8 Front Grill (Slot 5)

Details about:

This mod was made based on a 2007 version of the viktording, with an almost complete rework.

Permissions Granted:

1. To add the mod in modpacks like redux or any other

2. To convert the mod to other games, like other NFS like carbon, world, pro street, whatever


1. Open your Binary & select "User Mode"

2. Choose "Part 1.end"

3. Select your NFS MW directory

4. Save, but don't run your game yet

5. Open your Vlt-Ed and then import the "Part 2.nfsms"

6. Press install then save it

7. Create new savegame and enjoy.


FISCAL aka Opex Rah (my self)


Team that created Blender, these go to heaven.

nfsu360 - Cartoolkit, Vlted, etc.

MaxHwoy - Binary.

AJ_Lethal - Binary & VLT Installers template.

viktording - Base model.

Plans for future versions:


Link for Viper4k Resource Pack:


  • Version 1.0.1 uploaded December 24, 2023

    Opex Rah uploaded a new version. The new file is 31.09 MB.

    A little fix, thanks to Aftrmrket Exotics
  • Initial version uploaded November 30, 2023

    Opex Rah, viktording uploaded initial version. The original file is 31.09 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • Steven CG - 3 months ago
    User Date
    XRaider9273 months ago

    Im so overhyped about it, 

    Another iconic car from Midgnight Club 3
  • RobertAngelo - 3 months ago
    User Date
    XRaider9273 months ago


  • Sonic49PH - 3 months ago
    User Date
    Gotta roll with this one. Sick n' neat.
  • rybetasz - 3 months ago
    User Date

    cadillac 16

  • scrow97 - 3 months ago
    User Date

    absolute peak :fire:

  • Aftrmrket Exotics - 3 months ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah3 months ago
    JG Blue 15093 months ago
    MaeveSterling3 months ago

    Might wanna add the following lines in VltEd to prevent infinite speeds:

    resize_field transmission sixteen GEAR_RATIO 6

    update_field transmission sixteen_top GEAR_RATIO[7] 0.77

    edited by Aftrmrket Exotics 2 months ago
    • Opex Rah - 3 months ago
      User Date

      Nice, i will prepare an update  :fistbump:

  • HEHE - 3 months ago
    User Date
    Can u plz release the Mitsubishi FTO next
  • MWVASQUEZ - 2 months ago
    User Date
    Is there anyway to fix the bug when the opponent or the police won't move while using this car in game? Thanks

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