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2001 BMW M3 GTR Race Version

2001 BMW M3 GTR Race Version
Added On January 19, 2021
Views 33,018
Downloads 5,411
Version Most Wanted
Brand BMW
Favorited 5 times
Average Rating
8.3/10 - 10 votes
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File updated on: May 25, 2021

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This car replaces BMW M3 GTR (E46) (BMWM3GTRE46)

BMW M3 GTR Race version (E46)

Addon car mod by EllisRacing for NFS Most Wanted

Part of the BMW E46 Overhaul Mod Project for NFSMW

Current Version: 2.1

For more info:

Mod showcase:





v2.1 (5/25/21) - the "sorry it took so long for me to release this update" edition

- Added Extended Customization!

v2.0.1 (1/21/21)

- Quick fix: Forgot to include main.end for Binary install option.

v2.0 (1/19/21)

- Removed Modloader support

- Added back LOD parts

- Improved headlights & taillights

- Added correct hoods 31 & 32

- Added 3 wide body kits

v1.2 (3/12/19)

- Fixed missing driver model

- Added 1024x1024 recompiled vinyls

v1.2 (9/14/18)

- Fixed some issues with the model

v1.0 (11/1/17) - Initial release




This mod adds full customization to the BMW M3 GTR Race version.

Notable features:

- Full customization options

- New kits

- New hoods (including missing hood style 31 & 32, with LODs)

- Spoilers, Roof scoops, decals, vinyls, etc customization fully functional

- Performance upgrades

- Improved performance/physics configuration

- Vanilla MW-level quality

- LOD models

- damage textures

VLT performance configuration:

- sets base performance similar to M3 GTR Strassenversion (but better)

- sets top (fully upgraded) performance to original M3 GTR race, with some minor improvements

- performance data is stored in their own nodes for bmwm3gtre46, just to safeguard against issues.

- uninstall script fully restores all bmwm3gtre46 related VLT settings back to vanilla

- Removes m3gtrcareerstart from frontend if you have exopts with "ShowAllCarsInFE" enabled, so you don't have 2 M3 GTR E46s in main menu.

- Sets Final M3 GTR (the one you win from Razor) to fully upgraded. Apparently this breaks compatibility with save games.

- Optionally makes car available in Car Lot (but still only unlockable after beating Razor).




You must have extra options but NOT the latest version (until its issue is fixed).

Use version 9.0.0 and enable ShowMoreCustomizationOptions.

Download link:

VLT Script upgrades performance, but is not required.

If you use it, you will need a new save game. It will work with older saves if you have exopts installed, but Razor's M3 GTR will be much slower.

If you only care about cosmetic upgrades (body/visuals), then no need to use VLT script. You just won't be able to upgrade the performance on the car.

VltEd download link:

Binary can be used to install this car, but its only purpose is to copy the files for you, which you can also just do yourself.

Binary download link:

How to install:

(Optional) Install model files with Binary

a) Click the icon on the left to launch Binary for users

b) Select "Setup_BMWM3GTRE46_Binary.end" from this directory

c) Select your NFSMW installation directory

d) Select "Install" option

e) Save.

(Optional) Install upgradeable performance with VltEd

a) File -> Open -> select your NFSMW installation directory

b) File -> Import -> ModScript -> select "Setup_BMWM3GTRE46_VltEd.nfsms" from this directory

c) Select "Install" option

d) Save.

(Required if not using Binary) Copy the files manually

a) copy the two files from _setup/car to CARS/BMWM3GTRE46 inside your NFSMW installation directory.




Seriously, thank you all so much!


Felixeur - Performance, help with VLT issues

LUNA, heyitsleo: GTR Kit 3 (Shift2 Works kit) & M3/M3CSL Widebody Kit 3

Valen2006 - tinted headlights

Trackmaniamatt - painted spoiler

Vicious - custom headlights (halo)

Crazy_Max - race mirrors taken from M3 DTM mod

M3 E46:

GXP-10: M3 Base Mod


FLP, Valen1991 - BMW M3 CSL Base mod

Vee - M3 CSL HD Secondary Logo

M3 GTR Strassenversion:

Rsracerp60 - original "Addon performance" mod which influenced this one

M3 GTR Race version:

GXP-10: ALMS body kit (Kit 2)

379Felipe - original M3 GTR E46 upgradeable performance mod which influenced this one


  • Version 1.2 uploaded May 25, 2021

    EllisRacing uploaded a new version. The new file is 32.56 MB.

    Added Extended Customization!
  • Version 2.0.1 uploaded January 21, 2021

    EllisRacing uploaded a new version. The new file is 4.67 MB.

    Quick fix: Forgot to include main.end for Binary install option.
  • Initial version uploaded January 19, 2021

    EllisRacing uploaded initial version. The original file is 4.67 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • JetStorm - 3 years ago
    User Date

    can you create more cars that will replace the E46 pls

    preferably the Mansory 812

    • LRF Modding - 3 years ago
      User Date
    • JetStorm - 3 years ago
      User Date

      i didnt ask you, thank you very much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮

  • peter918 - 3 years ago
    User Date
    lets f*cking go!!!
  • NeBuNuL ViTeZa - 3 years ago
    User Date


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