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North Country Ver.2

North Country Ver.2
Added On September 4, 2021
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Landstrasse
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North Country Special Edition Ver.2 
Author of Track Conversion: Ryan Trevisol	
Author of Track Enhancement: KillYa
and KillRide and UnBtable Oct 2008

And WiLL added shorcuts in Big ' S' Turns :)	
Hi i always wanted try an make that shortcut in this Track.

Ever since i seen this track years ago!. I have much Respect -
for all the Authors, involved! : on this Track. An all an i thank them All...

Much for all they have done for it! :) this track gave me much -
'Complications', inside 'T3 editor with textures, an placing them Rite (..
Because this is a Coverted track? Makes texture mess's in there?
but, i pulled it off! lol. Fixed it. I'm happy it turned out good!

I never changed the sky at all... i only added 1 new tree an-
A nice Finish Line, an some Grass, was about it. 
As i Thank AJ_Lethal )
for his help, from that.
Well, i also helped that hidden -
shortcut that was hard to notice at first time, after the -
Big lighted tunnel texture, on the right side, fixed a hole there on left side.
Enough talks ) i know i like, this Mod it's Fun! for me. An-
i Like to share it Enjoy! it. 

Cya WiLL :)

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  • Zipper - 3 months ago
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    WiLL3 months ago
    Excellent! I love it
  • WiLL - 3 months ago
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    Hi screen shot 5,6, an 8 shows the tuff time i had with my Texture's I had take out my own, Glad that's over πŸ˜† thanks Zipper glad hear that Positive Comments, keeps me going. 😺😎 Walking in rain now with my umbrella. Kinks out my neck ) I clipped the Bus last night was a nice fire there. πŸ˜€


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