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unvivtool 1.19

unvivtool 1.19
Added On February 25, 2023
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File updated on: April 20, 2024


unvivtool is a VIV/BIG decoder/encoder for uncompressed BIGF, BIGH, and BIG4 archives.

Compatibility: many Electronic Arts games, including most Need For Speed versions

Formats: The formats are called BIGF, BIGH, and BIG4 (equals first 4 bytes). Typical file extensions are .VIV and .BIG.

Purported VIV/BIG archives sometimes contain faulty or manipulated header information. unvivtool is designed to validate and recover data as much as possible.

  • decode and encode archive
  • validate archive
  • drag-and-drop mode for command-line interface
  • encode files in specified order
  • full UTF8 support
  • encode files in set order
  • option: list archive contents without writing to disk (dry run)
  • option: support non-printable filenames in archive (Base16 representation)
  • option: decode/encode with set fixed directory entry length
  • compatible with Windows 98 and later

Install Python extension module: python -m pip install unvivtool



  • Version 1.19 uploaded April 20, 2024

    bfut uploaded a new version. The new file is 62.32 KB.

    + De/Encoder: improved filesystem behavior, especially on ancient Windows
    + Decoder: add overwrite mode (auto rename existing files)
    + Decoder: create non-existing output directory
    + Decoder: never overwrite archive
    + CLI: passing an output directory to decoder is optional, and it need not exist
    + CLI: command-line options -dnl -i -f -fmt and their respective arguments are no longer separated by whitespace (breaking change)
    + Python: easy installation via python -m pip install unvivtool on Win, Linux, and macOS
  • Version 1.2 uploaded April 7, 2024

    bfut uploaded a new version. The new file is 57.09 KB.

    + CLI: drag-and-drop multiple files onto the executable to encode them into a VIV archive
    + CLI: drag-and-drop a VIV/BIG archive onto the executable to decode it
    + Decoder: skips invalid files instead of erroring out
  • Version 1.1 uploaded March 31, 2024

    bfut uploaded a new version. The new file is 50.87 KB.

    + Windows 98 compatibility
  • Initial version uploaded February 25, 2023

    bfut uploaded initial version. The original file is 50.87 KB.

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    bfut1 year ago
    pete95162 months ago
    awesome! thank you for uploading this to nfsaddons, it will be easier to find than github :)

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