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NFSHS Vidwall/Showcase Toolkit

NFSHS Vidwall/Showcase Toolkit
Added On November 2, 2022
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File updated on: March 25, 2023


AJ's NFSHS Vidwall/Showcase Toolkit


A small set of tools for easy vidwall and showcase creation for NFSHS



-Vidwall/showcase files compiler, it uses FSHTool which is packed in the files

-A GIMP script that generates a vidwall from 2 layers, it works best under GIMP 2.8 (or a 2.10 with the 2.8 filters installed - which can be found here: but it works fine under 2.10 as well.

-GIMP templates for photo album slides and banners.

How to use:


-Extract the files to some folder in your hard drive

-Edit the bmp files in the bitmaps folder accordingly (highly recommended to the templates provided)

         -You can follow my EA-style vidwall tutorial here:

                 -Same for the photo album slides and banner here:

         -Alternatively you can install the GIMP script for the vidwalls and follow these steps:

             -Move the nfshs-vidwall.scm file to the scripts folder of your GIMP user data (in Windows, it's located in %APPDATA%\.gimp-2.8 for version 2.8 or %APPDATA%\GIMP\2.10 for version 2.10) . The script can be found under Filters > Artistic > NFSHS Vidwall

             -Open GIMP and make a new 381x178 px (for normal vidwalls)/381x355 px file (for showcase vidwalls). Or open any of the existing images

             -Paste your background image as a new layer, move/scale/rotate it as desired and then paste the logo as a new layer

-Run the script, adjust parameters and hit OK

-Save the vidwalls as 24-bit BMPS with with the "don't write color space information" option enabled

-Run the "compile.bat" file, and follow the prompts there.

-Generated files will be in the "output" folder.


  • Version 1.2 uploaded March 25, 2023

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.36 MB.

    -expanded compiler to include photo album slides and banner
    -included templates for photo album slides and banner
    -new folder structure
  • Version 1.0 Rev. A uploaded January 13, 2023

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 546.99 KB.

    -fixed logo size feature
  • Initial version uploaded November 2, 2022

    AJ_Lethal uploaded initial version. The original file is 546.99 KB.

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