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JimDiaboloApril 16, 2019

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NFS4 ANY to ASF Kit by Keiiko

NFS4 ANY to ASF Kit by Keiiko
This KIT allows you convert any AUDIO or VIDEO to NFS4 asf audio format

Before use download FFmpeg:
and copy ffmpeg.exe to folder where is this README file

If you have Windows XP, download this version of FFmepg instead

1) copy files into INPUT_FILES folder
2) run !START.bat if you hve Windows Vista or newer, !START-XP.bat if you have Windows XP
3) wait until script ends
4) copy ASF files from OUTPUT_FILES folder into NFS4 music folder
5) delete files in INPUT_FILES folder if you dont want to process them next time

'NFS4 ASF Kit original by' contains original scripts, which is based on nfsfan83 work.

Original post on forum

More general and XPsupport info

Update with Script in attachment


Download with FFmpeg included (XP supported)!bqlWIZBLBqRk/nfs4-any-to-asf-kit-by-keiiko-ffmpeg-included-xpsupport-zip
(ffmpeg is included, so it is big, 68MB uncompressed, 26MB compressed with zip. also MADMANs original zip is included)

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dandresden - 10 months ago
Good Job, Keiko
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WiLL - 10 months ago
I played with that FFmpeg long ago...
Sure is Complicated this. Great Work tho! You guys )
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MADMAN_nfs - 10 months ago
Nice work and thanks for putting this to the tool section eventually :)
Unfortunately the link from is dead at this point. Really admiring your script skills to provide all this in 9 lines of batch file and 150 KB download size. But imo it will be more convenient for people to provide a complete package with ffmpeg included (no legal issue here).
A zip containing everything will be 12.5 MB - no big deal.
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Keiiko - 9 months ago
Well ffmpeg gets updates so its better that everyone download lastest build, but if you want full package the link ( is in description with some old ffmpeg and one with xp support
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