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Zagato Raptor

Zagato Raptor
Author: Reight

Original Author: Unknown.this car was on a free had no readme.
Type of mod: Car Conversion

Model: Zagato Raptor

Features: Colors,Damage,Animated Driver,Bodylines,Sound,Interior,Dashboard,Wheels,Carp.

Polygon Count: 8977

Credits: EA Games,NFS4.

Thanks: Sil40, for creating the very nice authentic badges.

Tools used:
Zmodeler1 and Zmodeler2,Carcad,Fcefinish,Nfswizard,Fcecenter,Viewmagic.

How to install the mod:
1. Back up all original files
2. Copy car.viv to [HS directory]DataCarszara.
Serial NR: 44
Class: AA

Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but not
upload any part of this mod.


Damage Yes Convertible
Dashboard Yes Class
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0
Driver Animated

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Visitor Comments

Remko - 6 years ago
Now there's a unique car... looks very cool. As someone else put it, this car wouldn't have looked out of place in NFS 2.
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XJ220 - 6 years ago
Interesting. Never saw this car before though I must say its design, esp. that of the rear, is not my cup of tea.

High quality conversion nevertheless!
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noise - 6 years ago
Lamborghini Diablo based concept from 1996.We get Zagato's trademarks like "double bubble" body, no ABS or tractioncontrol and weightreduction using carbonfibre.Only one prototype was made.

Nice work
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Freak-DS - 6 years ago
This could indeed be a cool NFS2 addition ;)
Nice conversion job, but almost 9000 polies with 2d rims? come on..
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XJ220 - 6 years ago
At first I thought the same but looking at the mesh didn't reveal any obvious cut-down potential to me.
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Reight - 6 years ago
there are polygon reducing tools out.i also got one of those.but it is risky to use.can seriously ruin a cars mesh.shall i ask memphis for a set of is own made lowpoly but hq 3d rims ?
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