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Holden HSV VT SV99

Holden HSV VT SV99

Update: June 9, 2019:

  • Added missing file from the showcase feature;
  • Updated readme file.

This is the HSV VT SV99. Loosely based on Toca Driver 3, Forza Motorsport 4, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and NFS Most Wanted, with scratch made parts.


  • 6517 polies;
  • Dash (default HSV SV99 dash);
  • Damage;
  • 6 Colors (default SV99 colors, plus one restored)
  • Required $30,000 for career purchase;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Custom 9-spoke Gram Lights 57" Optimise wheels;
  • Official vidwalls and showcase files;
  • Upgrades (see below).

Upgrade Features:

Upgrade 1:

  • Custom driver;
  • 6585 polies;

Upgrade 2:

  • Forza 4's front bumper and spoiler;
  • 6832 polies;

Upgrade 3:

  • Forza 4's front bumper and spoiler;
  • Custom stripe vinyl;
  • 6832 polies;


  • Open you Need for Speed: High Stakes directory;
  • Copy the 'HSV9' folder to the folder "Data/Cars";
  • Copy the 'HSV9.qFs', 'HSV91.qFs' and 'HSV92.qFs' files to the folder "Data/FeData/Vidwall";
  • Copy the showcase files to the folder "Data/Showcase";
  • Run the game and select the desired vehicle.


  • AJ_Lethal - help, tutorial and parts (default and race driver);
  • Viper Jay 5 - Brake mesh and textures;
  • Cyrax - Upgrade parts from Forza Motorsport 4;
  • nfsu360 - NFS TexEd;
  • DMN - Gram Lights 57" Optimise wheel mesh;
  • JYSB59 - Forza Studio 4.1
  • EA Canada - mesh, textures and in-game menu files.

Used Tools:

  • Google SketchUp 2016; ZModeler 2.0.7; ZModeler 2.2.6; ZModeler 1; GIMP 2.8; Forza Studio 4.1; NFS TexEd; FCE Centerer; FCE Colors; FCE Finish; NFS Wizard


Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class A
Vidwall Yes Serial # 38
Windows Black Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 155 mph
248 kmh
Polycount 6517
Driver Animated

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Visitor Comments

nikomiku - 4 months ago
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EvoX - 4 months ago
Oooohhhh)) gorgeous
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Paul Spain - 4 months ago
Finally we have something decent to replace those old Holden copcars on NFS Cars. ;).
User Date
nikomiku4 months ago
Rider66 - 4 months ago

Oh well, looks like HS is one step closer to the whole replacement pack this time.

Good job!

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heyFITZ - 3 months ago
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