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1992 Ford Mustang SSP slicktop 'CHP'

1992 Ford Mustang SSP slicktop 'CHP'
1992 Ford Mustang SSP (Special Servive Package) slicktop 'California Highway Patrol'

original base car by DodgeBoy '1987-1993 Ford Mustang SSP'

this is one car of a small Mustang (SSP) series once done by NJ (XJ220) and me I have updated and reworked in recent time ..

serial number: 20 as 'auxiliary Police vehicle' replacement car for Coastal, Park, Atlantica and Aquatica

The convertible option hides or lets side windows appear

have fun! :D


FranknFurter @ / NFS Police H.Q.
Damage No Convertible Yes
Dashboard Yes Class Pursuit
Vidwall Yes Serial # 20
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-Editable
Top Speed 144 mph
230 kmh
Polycount 3857
Driver Animated

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EvoX - 3 years ago
I must be dreamin... a herd of poniz here... this morning... hohohohoho)))
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FranknFurter - 3 years ago
Yes kinda Pony invasion .. stampede ahead .. better get yourself outta way or .. 'duck and cover' xD

Just noticing my continuous typo in description .. 'Special Servive' .. must be new word creation from 'Service' and 'Survive'.. -LOL
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Dark One - 3 years ago
This generation of Mustangs might have the fierce opposition, but also the die hard fans. And I am proud to be the later, so job well done there, and I still hope that maybe there will be some more later on. ;)
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FranknFurter - 3 years ago
agreed .. the foxbased Mustangs had a hard struggle with their 'small car' as well as considered being too squary and 'unexciting' or dull cars' image for their excellent and clever as well as unfussy design being a base for so many other cars later to come sad but true .. :(

.. makes me wonder why then by the same token similar 'clean' designed German or Japanese cars have become that 'iconic' like the BMW 3 series :o

Maybe an image problem .. American cars have to be exciting by a recognizable destinctive shape while European or Japanese cars are being considered always as 'technical marvels'?
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