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Grande Punto

Grande Punto
Added On March 13, 2011
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Downloads 1,140
Version High Stakes
Brand Fiat
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NFS:HS Features

Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard None Class B
Vidwall Yes Serial # 17
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 120 mph
192 kmh
Polycount 7356
Driver Animated


It has a Maserati-like front end. 'Nuff reason to admire it.

Scratch made? No, converted from NFSMW
Poly count 7356
Colors 10 (9 official/1 custom)
Class/Specs B/0-60 in 8.7 s/top speed: 120 mph
Interior/Dash/Driver yes/no/werewolf girl
Misc. Features

* Sounds from NFSMW's Punto
* Clear windows

Extract this file... ...into this folder
car.viv data\cars\punT
punT.qfs, punT1.qfs, punT2.qfs data\feart\vidwall
shpunT.qfs data\showcase\art

Used tools:
Zmodeler 1.07b/Zmodeler 2.0.8/Paint Shop Pro 7.04/DXTBmp/FCE Center/CarCad 1.5b/FCE Finish|

If you would like to modify and/or distribute this add-on, please PUT MY F#CKIN NAME AS THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THIS ADDON IN THE README OR THE SITE, OTHERWISE, I WILL HUNT YOUR ASS. Thanx.

Visitor Comments

  • noise - 10 years ago
    User Date
    Nice work.

    Since NUH creations also made this car with less polies (2100) I thought I didn't want this.But..........

    -more 3D detail (wheels)
    -great interior (NUH has black interior/driver)
    -better sound
    -funny colornames

    To be honest I don't understand why Italians make combinations like Fiat/Maserati.They did it before:

    -Innocenti/De Tomaso
    -Lancia Thema 8.32 (V8 ferrari engine)

    Not my cup of tea.

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