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Pursuit Eagle Talon TSi (Multi-texture)

Pursuit Eagle Talon TSi (Multi-texture)
Added On February 23, 2021
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Version High Stakes
Brand Eagle
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9.7/10 - 6 votes
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NFS:HS Features

Class B Serial # 21
Damage No Dashboard None
Convertible No Vidwall Yes
Windows Clear Licence Plate
Top Speed 174 mph
279 kmh
Polycount 0
Driver Animated




We have long wanted to create a multi-textured version of the little pursuit hatchback

that can be seen on Redrock Ridge and Empire City on NFS3 PSX, namely the 1998 Eagle Talon TSi.  It's now a done deal, and even if it can still be improved, today we deliver a playable and fun version of this car.

Includes the 5 skins for every track (even the Australian one) and 1 bonus for the nostalgic who loves NFS3. More information in the Readme.



We strongly recommend to use this car with the VEG's NFS High Stakes Modern Patch.

Using the SP or EP expansion pack may cause crash issues due to the high number of polygons used in this car model.

Visitor Comments

  • noise - 11 months ago
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    Nice, but polyheavy.

    Prefer AJ_Lethal's  Eclips 

  • MADMAN_nfs - 11 months ago
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    K3nningar11 months ago

    Really like the australian livery, matches this car pretty well - also the NFS3-Redrock livery, thats faithfully recreated.


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