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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Limits Unlocker Mod Menu - v1.0.1 | 11.03.2024 -

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Limits Unlocker Mod Menu - v1.0.1 | 11.03.2024 -
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File updated on: March 11, 2024

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An External Overlay that offers many features and is made with ImGUI. The mod focuses on vanilla game (or/and with modern patch) and is designed to work in One player, Two player and Network (Multiplayer).

- Collision Off: There's no collision of cars like a ghost.
- Aircontrolling Car: Still have control of car even while in mid-air.
- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown: No speed is lost in mid-air.
- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown + Boost: No speed is lost in mid-air. Always gain speed while in mid-air, doing the opposite of losing speed in game's original behavior.
- Replay Cameras: Replay cameras during in-race.
- Bullhorn: Keeps the cheat on all the time
- Collision Recovery +: Collision power is increased by 2.5x. Alternative to collision recovery
- Chase Mode: Similar to Chase cheat in NFS 2 SE.
- Instant Tricks (Instant Steering, Instant Acceleration, Instant Braking)
- Randomizer: Player numbers (Up to 16 players depending on game-modes and types), cars, colors and grid positions.
- AI Personality (Ace)
- Game Physics: PSX-Style. Has pretty similar physics to Playstation version of the game.
- Location: 8 + 1 (With hidden track slot)
- Lap: Odd numbers included
- Cheats
- Driving Assists
- Multiplayer game sync: Synchronize cars for Unlocked and Randomizer races.

———Menu Features———
- Full mouse support
- In-game mouse fix: To prevent accidental clicks while in Mod menu
- Font size (Dynamically adjustable) and Arial font
- Can be toggle with HOME button
- Separate menus for Welcome, Single player/Host and Client.
- Current Status: Changes of game in real time
- Player Info: Status of 16 players in real time. Can be toggle with END button

- And more....

I am happy to finally release this menu to you guys, which took me exactly 1 year. It wasn't easy to make this menu, especially for such an old game. Maybe it's still not perfect. But I will try to update as much as I can. I hope you enjoy.

Mod trailer:

The files and guide you need are included in ZIP file. Don't forget to read PDF before you start. If your AV tells you that the files are viruses, be sure to whitelist them. These are not viruses.

Password: nfs3lu

- Multiplayer Game Synchronization: qq72
- Multiplayer Testing: TsTg, Jericho
- Physics and Tweaks: Jericho, Meteor
- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown + Boost: TsTg

- dinputto8
- Powered by ImGUI
- Made by Jericho


  • Version 1.1 uploaded March 11, 2024

    Ultra Jericho uploaded a new version. The new file is 15.5 MB.

    v1.0.1 - 11.03.2024 -:
    - Mini patch. Game physics: Fixed a bug that caused the Menu to warn these were modded cars even if users had official EA cars.
    Thx to Hypercycle and Yousuf for reporting this issue.
    - New instructions were added to guide.
  • Initial version uploaded March 10, 2024

    Ultra Jericho uploaded initial version. The original file is 15.5 MB.

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  • freudianskfelsagning - 1 month ago
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    Ultra Jericho17 days ago

    Thank you very much for this Jericho.

    Mod is working like a charm, great job.
    edited by freudianskfelsagning 1 month ago

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