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Apr 20, 2021, 3:08 PM

NFS 3 Pursuit Crown Vic with Cop NFS 3 Version for NFS 4

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Author Topic: NFS 3 Pursuit Crown Vic with Cop NFS 3 Version for NFS 4  (Read 218 times)

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on: Apr 02, 2021, 4:04 PM
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Hello Good Afternoon & Good Friday to all of you
I'm Kevin I want to make another request here:

Would it be possible if someone could extract the PC Version of NFS III Hot Pursuit
Pursuit Crown Victoria  with NFS III Cop Driver for me please. to NFS 4 High Stakes as Police Car
so I can drive it
I Really liked the NFS III Hot Pursuit Version of the Pursuit Crown Vic
I love the light bar on the Police Car.
I didn't like the NFS 4 High Stakes Version of the Car 
Also I would love to see the Police Light Bar on the Crown Victoria Light Up
as seen on NFS III Hot Pursuit   
 =D =D =D =D =D =D
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on: Apr 02, 2021, 4:33 PM
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Do you have CarCad? It's quite easy to convert 3 FCE to 4 FCE but you'll likely need to have a interior to stick in it from another car because 3 didn't support detailed interiors like 4 does. As for the lightbar lighting, You can light it up but if you want to copy the color change as seen in the PS1 game that's not possible yet as so far you can only set each light to 1 color though you can setup multiple combos of lights (red,white,blue) (blue,red,blue,) (blue,white,blue) etc. You're limited to 16 lights total on the vehicle so if you wanna make more available to use on the lightbar you can also use Nils's trick of putting pics of lit tail lights to save having to make tail lights light, You then only have to set up brake lights.

Now once you convert the file from 3 to 4 you'll have to redo ALL the lights as they won't be compatible, Most of the time what happens is you'll see 1 or 2 and they won't have the right names, You can easily fix them in FCE Finish 2 though, Just make new ones and delete the old ones when done.
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NFS HighStakes is the best

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on: Apr 02, 2021, 7:00 PM
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    I keep trying so far
Hi there Kevin I just wanted share with you this old trick I've done with the pursuit cars, Car.Fce files open it up with Nfswizard...then choose HB: selected to see wire car mesh rite. Then far left the tabs above click on edit? Then choose light editor. Ok then you'll see this list of 10 to 12-14 light dummy's there called, from what I remember. Then Experiment, with that as to change your light bars, Color of flashing cop lights on the Light bar. You can do much in there by changing, when it blinks an all so be careful, an just to change the lights as you wanted to. It's good to make screen shots of your before,an after. So you can set them back rite?  An also make up a back up copy of your original Car.fce to have. But this is an always, was for me! The easiest, way to change car lights an pursuit car lights an how they flash, an all this. Good luck have a good holiday Sunday to. 😸😎😴
Edited, Kev man all I remember is in Nfs4 HS game Car00.Fce files would show the lights dummy's, in Nfs-wizard so I'm still not a 100% sure what it shows on the edit tab in on Nfs'3 Car00.fce files. In edit lights bud good luck hope you reply, with any good Results 😎
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