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[NFSHS] Track index country location and modding

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on: Feb 11, 2021, 4:08 AM
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These days I came back to HS to return to my old loves, and an idea came to me by selecting a track in Hot Pursuit mode and especially after playing on the PSX version with my Action Replay.

I've always wondered why there are videos on Youtube where players have fun making the "Raceway" tracks available in Hot Pursuit mode and on PC there aren't any.

Then, I remembered that with NFS HS Mixer, you could replace tracks. So I had fun getting the three Raceways to the top of the list (so instead of Celtic Ruins, Landstrasse and Dolphin Cove). And then to see what it looked like.

I run the first Raceway with the police M5, and see that it has the UK livery. So I notice... the track country is indicated as Italy in the menu, that surprises me. Especially since on PSX, it gives completely buggy liveries ... so it especially surprised me that the rendering was not the same on PC.

Then I remember suddenly that I replaced it in place of Celtic Ruins, so I run the second Raceway and see that the livery was the German.

And there my theory is confirmed. In fact, the track indexes indicate the country of the track and especially the availability in Hot Pursuit mode.

(Indexes are for the European and North America versions of HS)

00: UK
01: Germany
02: USA
03: USA
04: France
05: UK
06: USA
07: Restricted (Raceway 1)
08: Restricted (Raceway 2)
09: Restricted (Raceway 3)
10 to 18: USA (NFSHP ones)

So my question is the following: How could we make to mod this index and give new possibilities of liveries, or quite simply change the country of a track, but without moving the track on the index of the targeted country, to keep police chase communications consistent?
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on: May 23, 2022, 6:27 PM
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Another hardcoded modding dream for High Stakes :D Maybe possible with Cheat Engine though


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