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4LOWER v.5.0.0

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on: Jun 04, 2021, 6:03 AM
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4LoWeR 7.0.7 Outlaw Classic(Sim)/Advanced(Arcade)

Outlaw - Water? Not. Fire? Not. Earth? Not. Wind? Not. Just an good addon.

#In a Arcade module nothing changed. For Sim there*s plenty tweaks: Grip, Turn Ramps, Push Factor, Front Tire Specs (3 different curves), Front Drive Ratio for class *B*. Its all have randomizing the driving experience. For Steering Wheel (analog) I suggest to to make the dead zone setup just like this
 X axis |-----||==========================||||==========================||-----|  (00,7%)
#A shallow advance. Closer to an ghost chase.
#Few Changes for Arcade. All Sim cars get the updates - Grip decreased, Min. Steering Acceleration increase. In total we have got the realism gain.
#Nothing is changed for Arcade. For Sim, there a plenty of changes. First of all the *Anti-Lock Brkaes* is disabled. This means a more agile handling. Sadly it provides an Spin-glitch. When its just a game and errors might be happen. I try to reduce the slip-glitch - successfully. The handling became more agile once again.
#For Sim: Front Tire Specs is changed (again and again) - it is a bit more than just an upgrade. Also the Front Brake Bias is reduced by 0.149047 - less glitches. / In total it looks like the handling is more tweakable now. More interaction from Traction Control (assists).
#Handling become better! For Arcade: Gas Decreasing Curve is flat for all cars, like it should be. Provides actual fidelity effect. Was less predictable. Was Noisy. But i need a time to be sure. / Im sure for Simulation, there is magnetic changes. Better response from Front Brake Bias (only for a cars that were needed this. +0.000001). In those two days i went further - tweaked High Turn Factor and Speed modifier. Then, Gas increasing/ Decreasing curves. And added more drive by hardening Front Drive Ratio. After all of that, in total, the handling looks super. Braking is visibly harder kinda lock brakes function is activated (without even touching diffuser). Almost forgot. The Turning RAMPs is reworked. For better traction on corners. Reduced emptiness feeling and Turn RAMPs are on maximum./ Thanks to all.
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on: Jun 06, 2021, 12:26 PM
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on: Jun 21, 2021, 2:39 PM
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4LoWeR 7.2.0 Outlaw Classic(Sim)/Advanced(Arcade)

7.1.4#A Massive update! First of all - Aerodynamics - lowered down. Jumpy? Oh yes. But drop your sight on how a car behave. Sides pressure thats what it do. I changed RAMPs ratio, made a massive Tuning / All cars got entirely updated. Each by each (Sim & Arcade). dudes, have fun!
7.2.0#It took longer than I thought. Now its all in your pockets, have fun with this. / Some cars were Tuned. Aerodynamics took lotta patience to adopt. / In previous releases the Track selection for setups was chosen incorrectly. So I took the most difficult to take actions track... :) / Absolutely all cars get updated (Sim & Arcade).
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on: Jul 28, 2021, 11:46 AM
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4LoWeR Wharf Simulation/Arcade

7.2.2#Optimizations. Sim took its own, Arcade took its own. / For Sim: Brake Increasing curve is now - longer. Cars handling isnt that *Glue*, more slides. (less asphalt, more fly) / For Arcade: Gas Decreasing curve is now provides more visible slides, more juice. Also, Push Factor is now flat - faster turnings (a bit).
7.2.4#For Sim only: The High Turn Factor is at maximum, so the Medium Turn Speed Modifier is set to combine realism. / For Sim & Arcade several cars get Tuning. / Thats the all juice I can bring up for both. / Knowing a low aerodynamics makes cars especially from class B to lose contact with the road. Sad but counter part is the better physics. :)
7.3.0#I am careful with words now. The fact is that I hastened with the release of 7.2.5. The release that you see now should have been the previous one / I present to you a new, colorful update. Arcade and Sim have undergone major changes. Sim has become cooler, Arcade has become more practical.
7.3.1#For Arcade, realism fix. Eventually, the same volue as Sim has. / For Sim - no changes.
7.4.0#Strong update. Much attention was paid to vehicles. As a result, everything looks bright and proportional. Sim and Arcade - all cars are tuned. The formulation bases of handling for both sim and arcade have been slightly changed. Now Sim is even nicer and cooler. /// The Arcade has become a little bit unstable. The fact is that in previous releases I forgot to increase the Grip, the consequence is that the First gear did not switch at automatic transmission(in weather). Now everything is fine. But, because of this, a noticeable Spin-Glitch (Arcade) appeared. And yet - the car does not always go in reverse in Arcade (backward). Dear chaps - new 4LoWeR!
7.4.1#No changes for Sim. / The Arcade has improvements. Faster steering & tuned front drive ratio. / Arcade gained some realism. Its clear, the Arcade become better. (though, I personally like Sim more). hotfix. For Arcade, added +1 to Minimum RPM. That change is for nicer Traction. It is smoothing the overall realism. Im guessing:- this is too deep to explain.
7.4.4#The cars move heavier now(by the Lateral Acceleration Multiplier reduction). That parameter is also corresponds for better A.I. time|Scores. (the parameter been reduced by 5.124011) -- For both, Arcade & Sim. An other tweaks to base was made.
7.4.5#A Gradient Understeer is now at high volues.
7.4.6#The previous release were successful (7.4.5). This time it turns to be even better. Very accurate work were done to both handling modules; LateralAccelerationGripMultiplier is Tuned (reduced) to accurately fitting a vehicles speed. Thats means that vehicles became soft and tender at the corners. And just like in modern games you not always have to control the sliding of a car. Ive made it using Wheel. So to have stability you better use the Analog steering and pedals. / So the A.I. is now driving even faster than in v7.4.5 (a bit). / I have tested previous release Online - was fun. update. Cars that needed to be fix-tuned are now fix-tuned (Almost All the cars for both, Sim & Arcade). For Sim only: more realistic *Gas Decreasing Curve*. Makes cars be heavier on Traction.
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on: Oct 08, 2021, 12:22 AM
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4LoWeR Hang Simulation/Arcade

7.4.7#...a guy told me to fix the issues: throttle release at low speed, grip, other things. So yeah, i took out the original EA handling to find out what were wrong... Finally, I found the way to make it just better. Lotta settings has changed. And the 4lower come up like a boss.
7.4.8#For Arcade only the Anti-lock Brakes feature is now enabled. have found critical spots in some individual parameters of mostly all of the vehicles. Primary the gradient understeer parameter. of updates accomplished!/ Previous release was tested Online, and it was *Woow* like very hard but enjoyable to play. / Updated tracks packs: Russian Summit & Arctic Canyons - has leave. Olympic Cove & Billers Farm has arrived. *Buzz*, which replaces the (traffic) Bus and Ebus. (Buzz - is a huge & glorious bus). everything not for an most of cars, but for some of them. Closer and closer I in doubts what to find being mistaken (settings). Except those that been changed in this version, other cars is seems to be doing fine. / All the *Arcade* cars got -0.000001 to Turn In/Out Ramp, to be Arcade more playable. is now more agile. Veyron is now drifting more. Stingray is now dosent loose the grip at high speed. Zonda R is now has faster wheel & reduced turning circle radius (more agile). S7R now has faster wheel. this version, the Rear Tire Specs is changed. Saying simply - A New Base. Need a time to realize is it bad or good. Tire Specs, Gas factors - have changed, lotta more of things have been modified. Tuning were made. I highly guessing that this version is playable (since a lot of patience were dedicated to it). / + in Sim version Turn Ramps are tuned. / In Arcade Front Drive Ratio is tuned. that thing wasnt needed, I have pull it to realisitic volues: the Minimum RPM is now individually fits cars Maximum RPM volue. The Torque were modified to fit up the previous versions types. So when you at a Gear the vehicle is now doesnt acceleration by itself. / Longer Rear Tire Specs - more unpredictably to drive a car. Tire Specs - improved. / Added +0.000001 to Torque - a trick which makes the handling (speed divider) looks as it always was. / Some other small changes to a base. // It feels better than previous version, no matter how small the changes are.! To entirely remove the Lag that the low grip volues does (Sim), the Rear Tire Specs parameter is removed (blank field). / The Arcade took its own improvement - Wheel Acceleration is equal to what Sim has. The skies gets clearer. The Front Tire Specs parameter improved. Gives the vehicles more actual looking handling. No more Emptiness. Thats the last update for *HANG*. / Tested on Wheel and Gamepad. Both feels really cool.
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on: Dec 01, 2021, 12:53 PM
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4LoWeR Heel & Clover Simulation/Arcade by car Tuning. (some realism gain & upgrades). went off, Lancer 8 appears (P.'05 MR 6-speed). / XJ220, Camaro ZL1, Ford GT -- Fixed. Lost Canyons at night  & checked all the cars. Made mass Tuning. is available to be installed (cars performace data). / Updated *Menus* (3D perspective in the carshow menu) - Modern view to it. to base: Tire Specs Rear, Brake Increasing Curve, Gas Off Factor. / Lets see if this version gonna be good in Online (the previous one - wasnt). / Is it an minor changes? - not sure yet. / Tuning were made apparently. Wheel Base - More practical to handle the vehicle. Realism gain. removed XJ220 for AC Cobra 427. / AAA class is more agile now (shortened Rear Tire Specs line). / Few or several cars get its own Tuning. Simulation Module gets natural `Gas Decreasing Curve`, The Arcade isnt need one. // Tested Online, very neat gameplay (it becomes after this update). Tuning! `G-Transfer Factor` & `Turning Circle Radius` - calibration. Not only. / Looks hell. detailed attention to class AAA. All the AAA class vehicles steering acceleration increased. Bugs fixed. Now all the cars fits the requirements. / Cobra 427 handling improved. Hardened mostly. / Updated KTTH`s. Sorted mostly, but not only. Added new. Durham Rage, Atlantica 09, Frozen Canyons - has arrived. Pacific Spirit, Urban Germany, Mediterrano - has leave. serious realism gain. Vehicles now HEAVIER; all cars, except 2, have got `Pitch Roll Factor` increase. / Updated SFX - a Shadow under the car updated. Recommending to install. / So in total, its huge huge realism. Some of the cars isnt tetchy anymore. Also less spin-glitch. / I gotta test it online soon. / I hope the temporal illusion of this is become closer to best from what i able to take from HS physics engine, isnt the illusion. But I might be wrong as common.

The 4LoWeR is 164mb in size!AsyoPAGw950PgRX89b3KCD4OF1HA?e=8W4bpS
The Key To the Highway 2.3.7 is 70mb in size!AsyoPAGw950PgRLzStUs4Kcl0Rbz?e=6SRi5a
The Key To the Highway Mix2 1.1.7 is 75mb in size!AsyoPAGw950PgRP_SKKr39t2T-Kn?e=p7A8fw
Anti-Crash SaveData (if you having the game crashes).

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