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May 10, 2021, 6:59 PM

4LOWER v.5.0.0

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on: Jan 08, 2020, 1:34 AM
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4LoWeR 5.0.2 ^Delta^ Flake Fall
Finally the release for Human Controlled cars only. It has all 36 mod cars.
Known issues: 1) Car wont turn left/right when gas button is not pressed 2) All cars have spin-glitch, invisible when driving intensively.
Further releases may contain the Career adopted all AI handling and maybe contain  the less drifting edition for human controlled game.
Its ^DELTA^ further fixes may follow.
For proper use of this Mod read the Credits & Notices & Read Me. Proper keyboard layout is described as well.
Tuning, Cars Comparison is available also. The Traction Control/Brakes Assists not gives much, but  maybe it will help a bit.
The Traffic cars and police - werent touched. Its EA. In an future I maybe will add some.
The MODs that included in 4lower (art, gameart, menus) it can be used/mixed without my acknowledge.

Update 1: Now the Cops is in native EA form. Several cars handicap fixed.
Update to v.5.0.2: Increased Slide speed and this is adds more grip and quickness. Brake acceleration increased and its adds more quickness. Couple other  parameters modified and its adds more quickness again.
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on: Jan 10, 2020, 3:07 PM
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on: Jan 19, 2020, 6:51 AM
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Glad you still working on 4Lower and i hope to see more releases in the future!
Version 5 offers a great compilation of reworked handlings for many cars and lot of car-types (super cars, drifters, muscle cars...).
Really interesting and diversified car list you put together. Every car feels and drives unique, the work and tweaking put into the mod really shows.
I also find the menu styling really cool, well put together - and there is a lot of designs to choose from.

Unfortunately you need to organize the mod files better or give installation instructions at least - a novice player that do not know the file structure of NFS4 will have a hard time to install the modification. The readme is not really helpful in that regard, so I hope you will improve this in later releases.

Regarding the handling itself, you know my oppinion about the listed "Known issues". That the cars stop turning on coasting or revving is such a huge issue in my mind, im still stunned you decided to ignore this.
With the 4Lower handling, you press full throttle all the time and perform over-the-top drifting.
Just to avoid confusion I think you should not describe the mod as a "simulation" or "realistic"...
more as a mix of "Ridge Racer" and "Outrun".
That said, my expectations and feedback would've been vastly different.

I must say... a general handling overhaul with more realism, maybe even bringing a sim-feel to High Stakes, really is something i longing for - but this is not that!
And that is totally fine!

Still, this is a awesome mod everyone should test out - if one is willing to adapt the new driving style, overall it really is a different and fresh driving experience for High Stakes! Analog control devices strongly recommended  ;)

BTW: you should link some gameplay videos and showcase your handling this way


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on: Jan 20, 2020, 8:41 PM
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If you can bring some interesting quick fixes (like you did a while ago for Fiat) you welcome to post it here or there.

Reducing the Lateral Acceleration Grip Multiplier can return the AI back, gas release realism and remove the spin-bug.

If you are not busy with something else.
Try not change alot of parameters, quickly set of what you see the Realsitical. I will look through it. So You and I can post here the 2 Prototypes.

I had those prototypes handling for some cars made. I dont liked much what i made.

You also can take the main part getting 4lower for career. If you do, thats might become even more interesting, and of course ill take the part of Opponent Acceleration tables.

Those Realistic features is nice, i cannot deny lack of them in present carp.txt

On engine setup, please do leave torque as it is, because it may ruin the speed of cars. Which was hard to make one.

Thanks. Thanks.

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on: May 18, 2020, 8:09 AM
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4LoWeR 5.1.5 Flake Fall

1- Handling in 5.1.5 is being fixed!!. Now all the cars matching its own speed & weight & physical size parameters. Farther releases will happen.
2- Key to the Highway 2.2. Changes: Added only one single track Rockypas 08. Updated Slides and Vidwall into good looking, a fresh looks.
3- Expanded ;;Concept Art & About;;. More random information for fun.
4- Key to the Highway 2.2 got changes. The addon tracks is now sorted by a region and weather conditions (snow). No more Snowplow in *Dolphin Valley* e.t.c.
5- Mazda 3, Plymouth Barracuda 73, Buick Rivera, Jaguar Xj 1993 Sovereign, Mercedes-Benz S600L (W140), Opel Vectra C 3.2 V6,  Porsche 911  1984, Skoda Fabia, Voltswagen Jetta GLI --- These cars is now high poly Traffic cars. The folders includes authors readme.txt. The other traffic, police cars and choppers remains original.

At Madman_nfs. I still did not try to fix mentioned things and prototypes. No instructions installation i can create properly in .txt. Maybe you can help and upload here?
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on: May 30, 2020, 10:29 AM
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4LoWeR 5.2.2 Flake Fall

0) Previous version was unfinished for sure. Tuned overall realism! Farther release may happen.
1) For a last week we were able to observe the changes: Front drive, factors, etc.
Today, the hell of a changes was made including the shortened Turing circle radius, it gives better realism.
2) In Optional additions added ENB MOD & SweetFX (configured).  Read *read me* for explanation. Dont be optimistical about compatibility of HS and this Mods,
3) Updated HD Palette for games
4) Now we have the full steering wheel support (Pedals).
5) Key To The Highway Mix2 v1.0 is ready. All new Tracks (19).
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on: May 30, 2020, 9:32 PM
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Pure awesome! Will be downloading!
"Not luck. It's what you do that makes you a hero."
— Kopaka.

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on: Jun 27, 2020, 12:20 AM
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4LoWeR 5.4.7 Split

#Given more precision to a brakes. Some fine tunes to some of the cars.
#Key To The Highway*s got sorted well. Added 2 new tracks (GT1, GT2). = Zonda R gets better OAT and Handling.
#A solid update. The brake inscreasing curve is changed, now it more gentle and soft. Which also makes straight influence to the behavior (digital or analog). Next, the High Turn Factor makes the things that werent made before; gradual settling among all cars with different ratios. Next, the handling being Raised. Next, added a bit more sensitivity; the cars *eating* the ground (cannot to add more of that due to obvious reasons).
#Braking system adopted. Generic handling adoption to the better brakes (all cars). 
#Almost every single car get handling upgrade; this is going to be an important. Also in for Wheel the power steering is off again, for more car responsiveness.
#Changed prices/expenses for some cars. Increased AI skill (OAT). Cars serial number changes.
#Added 4 new cars. Its McLaren MP4-12C, Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, Porsche Boxster S 986, Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Have fixed some cars too (handling).
#Another important update. I tweaked the Steering full bar. Fixed class B. Also I removed the EA cops entirely (even traffic) and replaced with addons. The carp.txt  was employed from other, similar cars. I fixed the regular traffic (addons) cars OAT (AI acceleration), they was way too fast (from authors originals). I updated the SFX again. I updated (sorted right) the tracks list (KTTH*s). The AI cars more rarely get crashed into something (KTTH-1). And final thing there is no more *Online* variation of handling since it not much successful. Everyone can play online using CaRs Career or CaRs Career Steering Wheel. Of course you can continue play the career.
#Handling is being raised to all the cars (the career). And so, since that, the AI acceleration increased to keep the balance. In Overall, AI became slower at sharp and medium corners but much faster at straight line.
#The last serial number change, and its final one (since i tested the Career for 100%).
#Steering wheel: for both variations Power Steering is back.

1) The CAREER have come. Now you can play the Career mode or drive with opponents on keyboard, gamepad or steering wheel. Online version included also (drive with no opponents or be chased by a police). Online version handling is not changed since previous release. Both variations of handling looking neat. Career version doesnt have bug and glitches completely. Have fun now (finally).

2) I re-imagine some things. For Digital input: Anti lock brakes function is on. For Analog input: Power steering is off, it gives less unusual car* movement. *Split* have came, to solve the wanderers doubts! In this version the redesign have been spot the difficulties of previous version.
a) Oversteer b) Braking c) Minimum acceleration d) Torque (not exactly realsitical but very practical).
I have to say that Steering Wheel support were redesigned. Its feels much better from now on. Im very impressed of HS. But i gotta say to haters some words: the differences between digital and analog is significant, so the driving might be unstable if you will cut out the *dead zone* radius into higher than 37%.
In overall I glad to bring that handling mod to you!

3) Key to The Highway 1 & 2: Updated. No new tracks added but Ive mixed the tracks. In primary version (2.2.1) have collected the cool tracks that doesnt have AI bugs. They are suits well for career play. While in second variation is cool tracks but that has some bugs and glitches, which are more suits for Human Controlled gameplay.

4) SFX (shadow under the car) get its update.

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on: Jul 10, 2020, 8:30 AM
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4LoWeR 5.5.9 Apparition

#A new experience of driving created - Arcade. In arcade selection you have native EA braking parameter (the curve either). Braking is more friendly for Arrows (if you play keyboard). And so now you have 2 styles, Sim and Arcade. For swheel in Sim (what was made before) the braking deceleration changed for all cars (more accurate).
#Added new Mouse art themes - Burnt-Gold and Glowing Black&White. Enhanced colors to some cars. Handling side: Carrera GT, Corvette C5, Skyline, couple Police vehicles - have got important fixes/updates.
#No changes were made to a base at all. I fixed gap in handling to expected cars (nearly all).
#Realism gain! 
#The cars became more reliable, agile: It happen when the Tire Spec had been changed again. Its changed to keep up the realism mixed with sliding behavior. Also the braking curve is changed to fit up the speed division to all cars (from fast to slow, its different).
#Shortened Turning circle radius. It gives easier braking first of all. And then maybe, non-flat feeling.
#Tire specs. Handling tweak.
#Tough decision. I almost rolled back the tire specs.
#Bmw635*s fedata was set wrong (which causing Career failures). Serial numbers is now similar by a classes to an EA one.
#I changed the tire properties and it given a wonderful effect!
#Brake increasing curve changed, an grip is now a bit lower, steering tweak; including the ramps. Fixed BmwM6 manual transmission. Changed cars expenses.

1) The most complete composition of tweaks (CARP).

2) Arcade variation of handling added.
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on: Jul 10, 2020, 11:04 AM
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    I keep trying so far
Hi there, Geminiyo
yup nice improvements you been doing. I see you got 3 tickets on the 1st. Video was aww  :-.  =D what was that Orange white striped car?
that guy? did make nice trees effects on that Rockypass track. I did see it before.
I'm laying back more today..? from the Rat race out there. helped people with a Tire problem. glad we got some rain finally in our 9 day long heat wave.. we had here.
I need chk. out Vid 2 so on   8)
Let's have a better day...?

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on: Jul 26, 2020, 11:14 AM
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4LoWeR 5.6.4 Wale
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on: Feb 26, 2021, 5:43 PM
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    I keep trying so far
Hi bud, I like your Nish-Naw Trinket  :D an your pics, an all your hard work Tweaks!
What's that track called at say 1 min an 38 Seconds, on Video 7 I think? Looks like Atlantica bud. I be back to add more Q's my old tracks, on your Vids are very Out dated, try use my newer, tracks on your test Vids Gem
Have a nicer weekend. I got check out that Video!  😎 😴 🐶 🦄
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Let's have a better day...?

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on: Mar 01, 2021, 4:17 AM
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4LoWeR 5.9.8 Trinket

Trinket has the best from previous 4lowers, with the new additions.
Folder *cars* is now the single one for all devices and needs.

Thank you WILL
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on: Mar 08, 2021, 10:08 AM
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4LoWeR Folly
Folly Simulation 1.0.0

Folly if you have nothing to do, take a chance..

#I made the tires softer, and reduced the grip.
The only thought is the thought about the Weather. Reduced grip will make your car stop shifting from the 1st gear to 2nd for several seconds..
#Mercedes SL600 didnt shift gears in manual transmission - fixed.
#Added *HD Palette for Games for HDR monitors v.1.0.0*, Added *SweetFX settings for HDR Monitors*. Some cars got the *gradient understeer fix*.
#The entire *gradient understeer* overhaul.
#The *gradient understeer* highly increased this time! You should try! So <this is dramatically improves realism. All the vehicles got it!
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on: Apr 15, 2021, 6:15 AM
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4LoWeR 6.8.9 Reverie (Simulation) Classic(Sim)/Advanced(Arcade)

Reverie is, just making sense.

#The Arcade style of handling is not exist anymore. The Reverie is Simulation. \ I reduced the *gradient understeer*, but its still higher than it was. Why? If the weather were on, the cars were steer off the line. Dont worry. The GRIP is reduced, and in all that now, 4lower looks just like into something fresh, new looking.
#Updated an Shadow under the car. So the 4LoWeR have gained some realism.
#Grip is reduced by 0.065950. Its solid.
#Now, this is the best release I ever made to High Stakes. GRIP reduced by 0.508132 (!). lesser than EA did. To finalize the thing, I updated the SFX: No Tire Traces anymore (since the grip is at very low volues). You need to install it before trying out the handling! So, the 1st gear wont shift to a 2nd, thats why an Manual Transmission is required to play the game. Good luck and have fun,...
#I added *Advanced* handling model. Now the archive contain the both versions. Previous is renamed into *Classic*. In Advanced, the grip is reduced, added PushFactor for AA, AAA classes. It also claims the Advanced Brakes title. / In classic an few cars got grip fixes.
# Fixed the Grip Ratio between the all Vehicles - in Classic & Advanced. For Advanced there is new additions:
 Advanced Turn In/Out Ramp
 Advanced Front Drive
#Updated the Tracks packs KTTH & KTTH Mix2. New tracks is: Uberland, Winter Route, Speedster (xtraTrack), Northern California. Tracks that goes away is: Outback, Atlantic Forest, Lost City, Easy Winter.
Uberland track is a very nice in overall. A Speedster track has extremely long straight road & is nice for Drag races.
#The Speed Turn Modifier is much more accurate now (for both). Its produces more realism.
I experienced that *Advanced* handling is making A.I. Opponents go nuts (broken AI). Thats why for Career play use an *Classic* module.
#All the CARS .vivs are now MULTI-LANGUAGE. Added Aston Martin DB9 Class A, Performance 2008. 0-100 4.6s, 0-160 9.7s, 0-250 28.4s, 0-270 39.2s / Torque fixes.
#Improved the all Class B Torque. Added Camaro SS 1967 by Dato.
#Added Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) by watzelm (Author of the original car is AJ_Lethal). Audi TT is leaving the 4lower.
#Earnest realism gain to the Class B. Some realism gain to the Class A.
#A Solid update. Lot of changes. Grip Ratio, the grip itself. Skyline GTR: Changed into AJ Lethal*s 3D model. The *Advanced* type, now has a bit different handling model. Logically this is the best update ever. Not sure yet :=\ Try it all!
#I was too much on the Steering Wheel, and something was not right. I added the Push Factor (high volue). Tweaked an High Turn Factor.
#The *Minimum RPM* raised to the high volue.
#To Classic, the Grip is reduced by 0.055091. Makes a car goes smooth and nice. And it is still playable in Career with Manual Transmission.
#I turn the Advanced model into Arcade. Classic is renamed into Sim. Some small fixes to Classic (Sim) & remastered the Grip for Arcade (Advanced), to make the Auto-Transmission work with weather. Now you can easily play the Career on both variations, which are suits for your tastes the most.
#The final formation by an Front Tire Specs. Arcade took its own, Sim took its own.
#Added 7th symbol to a Front Tire Specs (Sim). Then modified. Its great.
#Had searching to improve something. Took test, and it seems, the *Brake Blip In RPM* that I found, is making more stable slides. The volues of it is native to EAs. Its for both variations: Sim & Arcade. For Sim only, the *Max braking deceleration* increase, it provides a bit better control of a car.
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