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on: Mar 28, 2018, 4:26 PM
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Hi ok see I Downloaded 'SnakeCobra' La'Nina Car an just Tried to Install it Tonight. But No Go?  :o  ::)

What Serial # Does the Car Use by EA's Default? See by my Pics Below I have not the Car in game?
I Just have the Pursuit Car of it. So I'm Kinda Freaked out some now.
I Must have taken the Changed it for another, I'm Gussing its #41 or #12 Serial # am I close at all?
I Just Installed AJ's SFX Mod no chance test it out yet.  8)
Busy on this now. an Now im back on my PC from distraction's at home.
Like to know..ok have a well night here.  ???
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on: Mar 29, 2018, 11:46 AM
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The EA "La Nina" has serial number 39 and is a bonus car, if you wanna replace it (folder name and identity is elni).
Alternatively, you can also add like an usual addon car...

If it not shows up in menu at all, then there probably is another problem besides a double serial number. Maybe the car has wrong fedata information, you not unlocked bonus cars or the car.viv file is incorrectly placed/named.


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on: Mar 29, 2018, 2:39 PM
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I hear you Madman  :) yes I have all the Bonus car unlocked, have been, ok I try an make another pic later. Yes I wished I knew what the real problem, is like on this.. :o hoping not nothing to cause a Crash in game haven't had any in long time.
Thanks for your Reply. I found out it was #39 also from a old HS car txt list I have.
I have to get my CD out cause this back up,car is gone not on my HD, at all Strange.. so can't  I just maybe use the Pursuit an change the Fedata'd around for the non- pursuit. If I have to? But I need find out what happen, more.
I'm not really sure I want install the Hi-poly nicer one, that I have that he made, of El'Nina, so I'm Trying  remember his name. No worries.
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