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Oct 20, 2018, 2:04 PM

Today's fixes

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on: Mar 06, 2018, 11:04 AM
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Hey, I had a feeling since I learned a little more from you guys this winter  :D
I went into my Colin McRae 05 game found some Texture files to play with was kinda funny tho.
I changed the loading Screen I put Carbon one on there I just got on here,so
Just was funny to me  ;) an  8)

Also I changed that Dirty murky Stream lake water they had to bluer, but I didn't over do it. So I try get some pics below later.
I just don't have an pics upload site to use on Mobile or know how to make it work very Great the dang,links.
Anyway, Winter Returning here again,not my cup of Tea much. Was dry for few weeks almost.

Was a fun hack, today

 edited part

AJ, guess what it said, pc it wasn't going to open up the
This Config tool wasn't a big error screen, then I closed it An the
Editor opened up, No freezing, was Great.!!

So my pics below tell the Rest. I'm just glad I had a better,day today than the last 2
I Colored the Lake here more, nicer atleast.)
From all of that I still need to Study these programs more,I think I can find the Time learn them more
Would be . 8)
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on: Mar 06, 2018, 2:18 PM
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I'm not making any fun, at Tails TA.
But changing the Tail lights puts the Spoiler
On back, I have her on the 3rd, Upgrades.  :D
I like how it Sounds I know she don't Handel
To great maybe better? from Config,Tool working
Haven't drove it yet  :o since fix ups.

Painted my Brakes,an all I still need to install another Rim
Mod but, I need to get these other files first I was told?
Poly patch... so I'm glad it has worked this far so far...

Wish it stop Snowing,out this week! It just started up -
Again today..burr.

So here's my TA so far have a well night...
Work on my Traffic cars today... :p
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on: Mar 09, 2018, 12:05 PM
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Actually, the spoilers as taillights are a compromise that had to be made. If I use standard spoiler slots for custom spoilers, the game crashes. Besides, the standard taillights on Firebird look as good as it gets IMO, so why change them? :P

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy it, that makes me proud. Especially since it's in your avatar as well. :D So from what you've written, I assume you've fixed the CfgInstaller problem?

BTW, sorry I didn't see your PM before, but I was busy.

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on: Mar 09, 2018, 4:44 PM
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Hey, I replied early, then my phone crash... wasn't fun. So I try post again, yeah ::) 
Hi Bud, yes I had two different, other kinds of Config tool, they wasn't working at all.
AJ linked me the best one of the Nfs360 guys, tools worked best, after a simple error  no freeze on this tool at all!)

I hear you about,the Pontiac's Tail lights for sure Classic never dies. For me either an was a good Trade you did.
Hoping you could ever do any more Classic cars like this,an Older Corvette, or um, like that. Maybe they have them, on NFS Cars, site? But I haven't searched yet to busy, with a darn,ole Cold that came at me from were I live... (

So I'm glad the Tools are working now, yes I installed, few Traffic mods replacements, Thursday.
My game seems to crash often,after 30 mins, of play anyway you can Link me any improved. Memory, files that help this,game at all. I had a link but can't get it working, Crashs out that site so.
Download  won't work for me  :-\

I'm  thinking Carbon Traffic cars are to heavy on the game,do u think,or Rims?
Of others cars?
Ttul Tails.  8)
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on: Mar 10, 2018, 4:44 AM
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Well, the traffic mod might cause more ghosting (those transparent opponent cars), but I haven't noticed any crashing. Don't know about the wheels, though, I haven't used any of the rim mods (except for those made by myself).

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on: Mar 11, 2018, 12:35 PM
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Hi there, I been busy doing my Laundry,getting my car fixed an all.
Bud Tails, yes I seen that Sheeeet, it's Terrible, them Bot cars on the roads just one is Totally,  all Transparent, all you see is a Seat, An a bumper very bad, what causes this you say? (

I seen it in,World explore, mode mine won't run longer than 10 mins, an game Crashs..? Now I'm sure, if I post the error if I can from bottom part of explorer, error box.

do you think you could tell me the cause of it.

I'm far as I know using  Ver.1 I tried to patch, this with the 1.1 patch but says,my files don't match up, to do this.
Always something,it seems so.. I'm thinking them Faded Bot cars, are causing, game Crash on me.
I haven't played in 2 days now I been Sick darn Cold, I never needed, but getting better. An good luck on your Mods, on the other Thread I seen :)
Still wished you could do cars that are not so-Ricy looking,ones  it's a joke ok,an does this game have a Charger in it or a Camaro  Ttul. Bud.
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