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Nov 14, 2018, 5:47 PM

Racing in real life

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on: Nov 03, 2017, 7:33 PM
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How does M.Shumacher is doing somewhere ? (Never seen this man in real life but hope he's recovered).

Why racing people - people who's bounded with cool races, people that is in the racing factories are often had a troubles with - 1) Health 2) Luck 3) Money 4) Girls 5) Friends 6) Ocean 7) Koreanen popcorn 9) Lighter 10) Cinema. Would you (forumers) answer and put your opinion till every par

Might be fun to listen.

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on: Nov 04, 2017, 8:21 AM
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Well, the accident of Schumacher happend in 2013...almost 4 years ago. They still keep him shielded in a hospital. So i guess the sad reality is, that he's only a vegetable in a wheelchair by now; and i can totally understand the family doesn't want him to show up in public in such a condition.
I mean, i see no other reason preventing them from a public statement.

This man truly lived the 'Need For Speed' in all he did, i have much respect for Mr. Schumacher.

Well, i don't think race drivers, especially the more famous, have any trouble with money, girls, friends (although superficial sort) or the places they can go  :)

And I think health is closely connected to luck in racing. To stay with F1, just think of Ayrton Senna and his misfortune in Imola, probably caused by a broken steering column.
If you ride at the cutting edge, pushing car and material to the limits, you always push your luck in some way. Thats in the nature of racing.

But it is clear that F1, and racing in general, has become much safer than it was over the last century.

Geminiyo, you have a racing track or equivalent near your living place? Have you ever been to a racing event in person?  :)

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on: Nov 05, 2017, 9:33 AM
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To relate ego of being lion, you shall go on to par i meantion and had a deal with every of one. Risk. but...
I personally love Racings. Though i was never sit in the car at the front wheel (never!). Was observing at backsits and very rarely at frontsits. - you see I cannot know how the Car-chair is properly being uttered...

The only racing event i had, was my two scooters. I drove them to beautiful lake practically every day. And then i sold it because laws on driving scooter had been changed, and scooters with maximum speed of 45km took license suddenly. eh. /// I was driving it, and every two days or so, i was changing up the petrol in'em. It was fairy tale to me. Thats why i love Racing. Lake is surrounded by the deep forrest, by the other side and another and the highway between.  2003-2006.

I have no clue who Ayrton Senna is. But this man is from F1 and i know that.

This man truly lived the 'Need For Speed' in all he did, i have much respect for Mr. Schumacher. - thats ture.
I cannot understand why he get himself to mountain. I love the smile of this man, and I know what life is.

Trouble are not pars, trouble when you thinking about it.
1) Health --
 2) Luck
 3) Money
 4) Girls
 5) Friends
 6) Ocean
 7) Koreanen popcorn
 9) Lighter
 10) Cinema

Cinema in huge cities is nightmare, in small one its fairy tail.
Girls for racing people in my opinion is amazing way to spend a free time.
Lighter is fastest way to make a haircut.
Friends are always trying to take away something. Thats why we love them. Sitting in lambo without them is a nightmare.
Ocean is a trouble for racing
Luck. Racing people risking. But them risking the luck, which is not good. /// In real life, some "over-the-tards" - people is a trouble. Them considering themselves a beautifulboy an livingluck an magneticKing ...get no luck.
Money for Colin was the way he get... money. Nothing wrong.
Koreanen popcorn thats where driving helicopter and eating popcorn is godfuther and daddy.

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on: Nov 17, 2017, 2:42 PM
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Nowdays latest car I was able to observe from inside was dated October 27 2017.  Its was taxi.

Nowdays the only way to get the "give free rein" is to taken the golf club and kick the tennis balls (which suppose to be meaned - play Golf).
Strange to know that Colin McRae was champion by doing the same things as I were do. How do I know that ?)). I will tell that; its good stuff and goods around me (lakes region). I can do to the things anything I want.  Latest video about cars was about Lotus (on youtube). Didnt watching that often which means I have my protons be ready for every or 2 days of playing golf. Computing with anybody is no longer exist.
So I lost interest to all the things around me, including even Nfs4, but I still playnig the golf. eh.

So! maybe there in Belarus, the Scooter laws gonna turns back... someday... in 2055 and I will be able to return my hobby back.  ..err... wich fy, is still a racing stuff.


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