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General NFS / 4LOWER v.5.0.0
« on: Jan 08, 2020, 1:34 AM »
4LoWeR 5.0.2 ^Delta^ Flake Fall
Finally the release for Human Controlled cars only. It has all 36 mod cars.
Known issues: 1) Car wont turn left/right when gas button is not pressed 2) All cars have spin-glitch, invisible when driving intensively.
Further releases may contain the Career adopted all AI handling and maybe contain  the less drifting edition for human controlled game.
Its ^DELTA^ further fixes may follow.
For proper use of this Mod read the Credits & Notices & Read Me. Proper keyboard layout is described as well.
Tuning, Cars Comparison is available also. The Traction Control/Brakes Assists not gives much, but  maybe it will help a bit.
The Traffic cars and police - werent touched. Its EA. In an future I maybe will add some.
The MODs that included in 4lower (art, gameart, menus) it can be used/mixed without my acknowledge.

Update 1: Now the Cops is in native EA form. Several cars handicap fixed.
Update to v.5.0.2: Increased Slide speed and this is adds more grip and quickness. Brake acceleration increased and its adds more quickness. Couple other  parameters modified and its adds more quickness again.

Off-Topic Discussion / 2019HappyYear from rvorters!
« on: Dec 30, 2018, 7:10 AM »
Point1:  A new HS driver skeleton and face for future cars (the first attach will comes later).

Point2: my first time i able to listen a great song, its Tom Waits - all the world is green.

Point3: After listen to Tom, i have noticed that the TDU1 playlist is very large and fun to listen. So thats why a question - does it ?

When the new year will comes, non of tragedies will gone far (as always), but the templates of the most a beautiful peeps are often happen to be the same. So My wish is for global line of changing yourselves and other people. ...Be rich.

Point4: the last mention (to modders), what about Capture The Flag in HS. Whats your thinkings about this?

Hardware, Software & Technology / Something happen.
« on: Dec 28, 2018, 3:16 PM »
Hellou. I have misfunction on my desktop pc.
Something happen, the Gpu turns to ran its cooler on 100% at pc starts. Then its beeps 2 times nothing happening, its restarting... and again and again.
The processor cooler is almost dead and spinning slowly. However i tried to disconnect it and its same.
I have no idea whats causing it ! but i tryed another processor replace (lga775) - nothing, tryed other gpu - nothing. Memory switch - nothing.... so whats wrong with it ?

Im on mobile. Gotta wait about 6 days till holidays ends. Its for the first time since ever.

Freaking what to do and where to run. House is empty of anything.

Racing & Other Sports / I Love Sports
« on: Oct 28, 2018, 2:50 PM »
Hockey: I bet the Colorado will win "Stanley" this season, but its not what I try to figure out in this topic...

I know you but it is fine to me. (heeding) Oh well. Ive noticed how many leaders at (scorers, players) are raised at such early stage. No names, just my eye opened at that. / Id like to mention Football (soccer) too but, nothing I know about it in the internet. However, I spied for World Cup this year, and I supported the France and Spain teams. Lotta lags comes from of the beers I was drank. Was extremely fun and unfun per once (beside with PC). And gotta say 1 month ago I played it myself for a first time in real life, and knowing of what excactly this *** is for...

Snooker - Oh man...! Its been lost interest to watch it online to, since Spring. But its great sport! Indeed ***. Mark Selby by the way is representing my nickname at nfsaddons by the way. Me, I can speak about Snooker long, but wouldnt... / The Golf. Oh ***. All my clubs get *** this year. And did it absolutely for no reason. More over, I *** hited the tennis ball by the golf club called "woods" for more than 100 meters! Can you believe this ?? The acceleration of tennis and golf balls are very different. I might say that tennis balls x3 times dumber and slower! Also, since clubs are ***, was able to did same stuff with other staff - hazel sticks !

Thats all about the Sport. Though, is nothing to discuss about it to me with somebody, because I *** at details. I will just input here the slang and names that got to be mentioned (to draw attention) Lets try:
"ball spin"
"Kobe Bryant: which retire year, eh?"
"baseball ball go nuts"
"I dont like Forsberg. Dunno"
"The Snooker is in your house"
"Left leg, right leg"
"Im full of gifts. 1st place goes to longest woods on planet"
"I did Not consider GB as idiot! And award that knows who is GB is goes to Gary Bettman"
"I hope Alexey Ovechkin will loose another tooth this year"
"Man, what the ... is the rules of baseball?"
"The Snooker. err.. brown.. err yellow.. err blue. Jeez or maybe just a beer"
"Throw? Am I looks like *** ?"
"Ping Pong!"
Thats all I think. All I tryed to figure out.

Racing & Other Sports / Competition Break
« on: Dec 22, 2017, 1:34 PM »
Absolute video about the cars handling.

Racing & Other Sports / Racing in real life
« on: Nov 03, 2017, 7:33 PM »
How does M.Shumacher is doing somewhere ? (Never seen this man in real life but hope he's recovered).

Why racing people - people who's bounded with cool races, people that is in the racing factories are often had a troubles with - 1) Health 2) Luck 3) Money 4) Girls 5) Friends 6) Ocean 7) Koreanen popcorn 9) Lighter 10) Cinema. Would you (forumers) answer and put your opinion till every par

Might be fun to listen.

General NFS / 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Mar 25, 2017, 9:24 PM »
I followed my chance to share the things of 4lower related progresses. By now I would like to introduce to you the Renewed Car List (March 26 '17).

(I count on you) Quality control assistance,
The Car scale & propotions (just like the Authors made one),
The CAR00.TGA's to HDR (manifest),
To Add/Off cars (solutions or preferences),
The Carrer related things (Car prices e.t.c.)
Dashes install (if you like the Dashes the most)
FEDATA (You have the Vision of HS in HD? Discuss it).
The Media (aka Loading Screen pictures e.t.c.)

English version of High Stakes only to see all the cars in menus (So far).

There 2 BMW HAMANN existense. Emm... do you like em ?

In this post there is No custom COPS cars, Nor custom TRAFIC cars. It needs a work.

The handling notice (is vary holly**** ways). There its 100% originals, mixed, unfinished, old releases (in archive). Thats all I have so far on hdd (newest). Most things is still in my head. Im not 19 years old. Its still in phaze Beta. I mean the cars you know already: Brera, ChallengerRT, TS50... and... oh well... there Zonda-R which is in "Step3" that i still can't publish in Online Racing section, b/c its simply undone).

Find yourself in that cars list! :)

Editing Projects / Sad & Offscaled Cars (HS)
« on: Jan 28, 2017, 10:54 PM »
If its metter today.
Its the list of wrong scaled cars to High Stakes:

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra-R (P'2000) - is smaller than needed.

Porsche GT3 (P'03) (M.Leps original) - is a bit smaller than needed.

Lamborghini Diablo Evolution GTR - is waaaay too small.

All the Zpectre cars is a bit too small.

Its an archive of those 3 (i mentioned).

Off-Topic Discussion / Post it If you have one (a pictures)
« on: Jan 17, 2017, 10:49 PM »
Some pictures from complete 2016
Post yours if you gother couple.

Editing Projects / (Performance Help) McLaren MP4-19 Mercedes
« on: Mar 07, 2013, 1:54 AM »

McLaren MP4-19 Mercedes

I never tryed to go such Fast before but...
I'm starting Thresholding It. I think it could be nice thing to get know of how the NFS4 differce between the Slow car & Fast car. So far I am statisfied well of what i seen on the screen But...

I need to know (I really dont know so far). What is that car professional performance info?
Of what i have know it is:
600 kilo / 1322.8 lbs
Max. Power: 807.3 bhp @ 17600.00 rpm
Top Speed: 330.7kph /205.1 mph
...aaand it's F1 of course :)

I think it will be fun to peeps who know Motorsport (a little), tell me ..what is:

0-100km / 0-160km / 0-200km / 0-300km (Acceleration in Sec 0.00)
Of that car?

Pls, refer To what you know about with thankfull interraction website. (performances characteristics).

Thx. And I'd say as soon as i know as sooner I'll post the McLaren MP4-19 Mercedes.

Editing Projects / Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 (NFS4)
« on: Mar 06, 2013, 10:21 AM »

I just saw Mike's Topic "Who wants to make a Lambo Veneno or Ferrari "LaFerrari" (worst name ever, btw)"

What can I say...

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

This is first time I Really asking anyone to Create the car. That beautiful car.

Prelude: the Astons in Nfs4 were made quite quality overview (in history). But Me, I cannot drive any of them; DB9 is already built to be the Fast car. But, I see the wheels flowing off the car body (behind) on more than 80% in the game...- thats just ridiculous! I'd say Unfast, undrivable, funny, silly...(way more for me).

Anyone want's to try to Fix that?  :)

Here is the Screens I made:

I dont know how you Kids will accept this kind of surprise... but im stucked like hell (its good).  i... i... dont  know what to say. Hour ago i did opened a nfswizard this kind of thing that i didnt for a more then half of year - and BANG! Short story: 1h ago by opening Challenger72, i rewrite all sets of it to a 0. With kind of phylosophy about a humans sense of humor i decide to make the most tweaks that i did collect starting from 2007 in edition of handling. Thats All. Looool. So far this shit cannot even brake!! (b/c >actually< my first mind were to upload the original right here). Overally, when i did watched the replay, i was more then surprised that it looks close to goddamned SHIFT. Ha ha!!! Well enjoy Kids. By the fly., the only way to drop the speed is to double press the backwardGEAR, and then quickly press forwardGEAR.
  No need to comment Kids, just enjoy!


General NFS / Clean Summer Snowy Ridge
« on: Feb 17, 2010, 5:54 PM »
(yes. it is General NFS. as long this work more NFS fun hours relatively).
hey hey. its first time i decide to make my own track, hke sorry Texturise my own one. Gotta say that even if got some exactly nice work in modelling of buildings (unreal engine), i still complete idiot in "t3ed" thnig. So i make decision to be cool and here is my 2 day of work. dont lie to me then b/c i know it looks nice before. Here is a screens after them i will ask for possible help.
   Notice that saturated (vivid) colors on the screens telling that this is temporary textures creaded for easy coordination. lately when its gonna be done. ill post source coordinates if you will decide to modified whatever you like on you personal desire. SCREENS:

So about help. as long as im idiot too. i want you to make some help (maybe idiotic too). I DONT know how to make modifications for Special Effects. Wanna say about too Bright, almost invisible genericly a sky (skybox) on Snowy Ridge especially. Next one is How to make/change "cold" atmosphere to a summer (warm). Also (this is 3d), how to remove Snow, and probably add Rain! Another fix required is that Snowy Ridge had a winter handling, mean road condition. Maybe another help too, i dont know so far, i hope soon, ill post here a track when it will be at final stage. After this of course ill really ask for open help from sombody who wanna do it (or not - Joke:)

Off-Topic Discussion / Official Windows 7 testing release
« on: Jan 18, 2009, 8:39 PM »
Ive install it on different drive so i got saved my XP.
Im statisfied 60 to 40 %.
 This is really better than Vista, there is no enoying crazy number of threads. Everything correct and fixeble. Design is juicy. Performance is fast. But in overall performance it will never become faster XP. On beta AMD-ATI drivers games running well, without cost of anything but in CSS were a bug on the walls. In old games that not using glided to 3d graphics (drowing in 2d) were a bug of painting symbols. Compatibility with hardware is not bad - my dsl modem were installed without troubles. Desapointed - platform wont understand virtual drive (i hate dvd-roms and buring porcesses).
   So if in final release compatibility wont be fixed - i wont choose windows 7 as my main platform (old applications running problems). But im sure that this 1 is better that Vista up to 400% lol.
NFS4 wont runs even with Stock Patch files. Technical info leaved by me (yegor99) here -
P.S. If any1 need technical info and compatibility with exact programs i can test it for you. Or any other easy info.

Off-Topic Discussion / NHL09r upcoming. (?)
« on: Oct 08, 2008, 7:50 AM »
Not sure, even dont know what is release date.Probably soon. I hope so. So i decide to invite pple, Mike, Buck (640-480 lowdetails) and any1 alse in party. Im sure we can felt some physics under loud music of old buliding construction near cold ice...and big hits,fighting, one-times, and of course long distance shots on goal (watch ur upper-right corner when playing with me). Depends from what excactly EA introduce in the game im sure we still can play in Direct IP in this cyrcle of friends (thats the difference baby!). Im sure ill buy the game.
Dont worry, ill raise the topic as soon as ill be finaly ready.
My team is DAllas Stars / favorite players are Mike Modano, Joe Sakic, Paul Kariya, Keith Tkachuck, Owen Nolan (i saw his goal from the middle of stadium...slapshot).
Thats is just my "Second gamer choose" at the end of this year...thats all.

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