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General NFS / Re: NFSAddons Discord
« on: May 28, 2021, 2:55 AM »
Your "joking comment" on AndreiK was "all vinyl modders are a waste of talent". And it was directed at all of the vinyl modders, not just AndreiK.
And it was not the first time you did such "jokes".

Let me list things that I know of that apparently led to that nfsaddons server kill or whatever:
  • you ping ppl randomly, without context, sometimes just saying weird shit. Me for example - I randomly get a ping from you saying "let's hunt Viper down". It was probably a joke, but I had no context on that, nor am I friends with you.
  • that comment about vinyl modders, if you would be friends with most of them - it would be fine. That's not the case tho.
  • that kind of "jokingly shitting on ppl" as if everyone was your friend is apparently not a new thing, you did it earlier too. (that i cannot be 100% certain about, that's just what I heard)
  • I'll just put it as separate thing even tho it was mentioned before - pings. Not everyone likes to be pinged, especially without reason. Some people can be waiting for ping on another server, and it can really mess it up for them.
  • you keep repeating that you have an extensive contribution to the community. And yes, I don't deny it, even tho I haven't seen it (not seeing it doesn't mean it is not there). BUT, I haven't seen any new mods from you...

Do keep in mind tho, those above are not my picks, that's just what i heard was a part of that whole server kill. Other than when you pinged me, but that's just an example of random pings that i myself experienced firsthand.

I am aware of ppl saying that "you ruined it", I personally just think that you take everyone for a friend too easily, because sometimes they don't think that about you.

As for why LRF is an admin, and you a mod - LRF Modding has a pretty good connection with discord members, that could be it.

About the average age of the current user base, yeah, you are old compared to them. But that's just time doing its thing, isn't it? I mean, when LRF will be old, and a new user base comes in (those whose childhood games were 2015/payback/heat) - it's most likely that the current-gen will be just like you and F-Body faction...

I was no longer interested in arguing the authenticity of vinyl mods, their purpose, the skill required to make them
thing, one message was enough. If someone would say all of your mods are a waste of potential, then would you care if he want to talk about it more or not? Don't think so.

Also, don't talk about disrespecting Mike or NFSAddons by banning you, above you have a list of things that got you in trouble. And CEO of ___ people are the most active discord members of nfsaddons.

I do agree however that the situation could be handled better than just killing the previous server. It's not really something I was a part of.

Discussion about wherever it's true that NFSAddons logo has your font or not - I won't say anything about that, because I simply don't give a f**k. (not sure if curse words are allowed here or not, better safe than sorry)

And in the end, even while it all went differently than it should, and you having a contribution to the nfs community - saying that others will not be able to do things like you, and without you nfs community will not have a chance is just funny, because it will survive without you easily. Just remember that you, me, F-Body faction, CEOs, even all of the modding sites - every single person in the community is expendable, that was, is, and will be true in every community that exists. If you want to see a community disappear - you would need to get rid of every single member at once.

If you take offense about any of the things above for some reason - I do not mean to offend you, but feel free to talk with me!

Help/F.A.Q / Re: Binary and VltEd issue
« on: May 20, 2021, 9:15 AM »
it just looks like your os's fault

i would reinstall windows if I were you, fixes pretty much all software related problems

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourselves!
« on: Apr 11, 2021, 1:21 PM »
Hi, my name is Viper, i haven't drank monster energy for 10 minutes now :P

Addon Requests / Re: [NFSMW2005] Car Requests
« on: Aug 09, 2020, 4:45 AM »
'99 Dodge Durango SLT

Replaces: anything

XName (For Addon): DURANGO

Convert from: Forza Horizon (

Features: Damage included, nothing else really needed

Why I want to see this mod:
1. There are no '99 Durango mods
2. I tried to convert it myself, but I lack the necessary knowledge
3. I want to make a 4x4 version of it, but no base model just stops me

Note: I mainly request it because I want to have a base for a 4x4 version, but also because there's no '99 Durango mod anywhere (not even for other need for speeds). As such, it doesn't need to be ultra good...

General NFS / Re: Best mods in the world (opinions)
« on: Aug 07, 2020, 9:00 AM »
Of course, of course. DSF and MW can not be alike, but it just MIGHT be obvious that I am talking about the ATTRIBUTES. I already made Forza Drift physics and the DSF Grip would just be too advanced since the suspensions and brakes in this game are dead cringe, ESPECIALLY if you can not disable auto-brake which is super humiliating. :/
We need more rims, don't you think? RTR, Fifteen52 etc

more rims are absolutely possible...
if i would know how to make different sizes from one size, and properly uv map stock tires in, it would be out by now

General NFS / Re: Best mods in the world (opinions)
« on: Aug 02, 2020, 12:54 AM »
What do you think could the best mod(s) in the world? My opinions for NFS Most Wanted are:

-NFSMW map (or a bigger version) with a warehouse the size of the docks
-or/and a parking lot the same size as the one in Driver San Francisco BLAST FROM THE PAST challenge.
-Forza Horizon 4 (Drift) physics X Driver San Francisco (Grip) NFSMW
-NFS Payback or NFS Heat size map for NFSMW (Author could be a millionaire)
-A mod where you can customize an opponent's car and use it in a race (So I can take down Jericho. XD)
-A mod where you can be the cop (with any car) and never get busted, but participate in a chase and cops chase AI racers only
-Car horns and sirens XD please at least THIS should exist!!!!!!!! Sirens can be in cop cars if you drive them
-A mod that disables auto-brake (If you ask how to disable motion blur, I use optimizers *Run as admin to work)
-A map with LOTS of places to do stunt challenges, AKA rally with ramps and other stuff, motorway, drift rings etc
-24 hour mod (I know you can download, but mod should have game time 1 hr > 1 min and sun and moon exist during time)
-The map should have MORE alleys like Driver San Francisco

I think that's all for now.

- NFS Payback/NFS Heat map [ Strongly doubt it will happen. NFSP and NFSH have map glitches. The games aren't so "pure" as you think they are. Plus,MW is a 2005 game, not a 2015 game. I bet if someone puts the NFSP or NFSH map, the game would be laggy af or it would be broken]

- Custom opponent car [ I don't think it's possible either, but it's possible to change Blacklists cars somehow. Probably by editing the game files with VLT-Edit or something similar to it.

- Police mod [ This is not Hot Pursuit 2010]

- Horns wouldn't exist. '05 Physics.

And DSF will never be like NFSMW, and NFSMW will never be like DSF.

Car mods are enough.

map modding, we will have to see when (or if) map toolkit will come out...

custom opponent car, you mean custom 1v1 race with a preset car as an opponent? Bc you can make custom races for nfs mw, and I think you can put presets as opponents...

police mod, if you mean full police mode where you catch racers as police, then no, but if we talking more police cars with custom heat levels, then it's 100% possible...

horns, they do exist. Funny thing is, every racer have a field in VltEd for horn. We just need to figure out how to make them usable...

DSF will never be like MW and vice versa, that is true

for me, best mods would be:

  • map mods (might come soon, might come in years, or might never come - idk)
  • added cars without replacing (already a thing)
  • added parts without replacing (also already a thing)
  • new customization options (is possible right now with debug menu already, will be possible in the normal menu when ASI modders do it)
  • new blacklist opponents (idk if possible, maybe only one - ROG)
  • custom license plates (i saw it done somewhere, but cannot remember where)

that's pretty much all for me
some of them are already a thing

Editing Projects / Re: Viper's modding ventures
« on: Jul 31, 2020, 10:59 PM »
So, as y'all might know already, I have released a new bodykit for the RX8...

It is still buggy, UV Mapping on the front fender is not that good (will fix it once I'll learn how), and the marker for exhaust is in the wrong spot (got fix ready, will be updated soon)

Now, I'll share what other things will come in the next update:
Car specific spoilers!

(I won't be posting all of them, but I will have more than 2 ;) )

We'll see if i post more car specific stuff in the future...

Editing Projects / Viper's modding ventures
« on: May 10, 2020, 3:32 AM »
so, I recently tried to do bodykit conversion of RX8 from NFSW to NFSMW
It has kinda correct UV, is paintable and all

what do y'all think?

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