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So I was asking this because one of my favorite cars, the Bugatti Centodieci, recently got added onto The Crew 2, and as a bonus, it came with the option to widebody the car! I was excited as that would mean that either I or someone else would eventually mod the car onto NFS games such as MW05 or Carbon. Unfortunately, I am out of options regarding requesting the model, for either of the following three reasons: locked behind a premium paywall, model ripper uninstalled the game, or said ripper doesn't know how to rip the models from the game.

I could only think of the following alternative: use the Centodieci model from CSR2 but add custom parts from other cars of other racing games such as NFS Heat. An example of this would be to add and fit Liberty Walk fenders of the Nissan GT-R from Heat over to the Centodieci from CSR2 as a custom body kit.

So I wanted to ask if any of you Modders were successful at the idea of fitting in parts from different cars of different games onto one car as customization options.

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