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Sep 27, 2020, 1:05 AM

NFS HS Car Purist Replacement Thread

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on: Aug 07, 2019, 8:55 AM
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Since all the job done on NFS HS with all these HQ replacements, I decided to start this thread, where we can share our knowledge on existing PC/PSX HQ cars replacements that exist as of now. Feel free to add any comments or ideas on the improvements on the structure.

EditionCar NameFilenameExisting Replacement
PC DLC/PSXAston Martin DB7AMD7Aston Martin DB7 Vantage - Cooya!
PC DLCBMW M CoupeBCOUBMW M Coupe - Franky
PC DLCBMW M RoadsterBRODBMW M Roadster - Fivespeed
PC/PSXBMW Z3BZ3RBMW Z3 Roadster 2.8 - AJ_Lethal
PCChevrolet Camaro (Convertible)CCAMChevrolet Camaro Convertible - CVPI19
PSXChevrolet Camaro (Coupe)--
PC/PSXBonus Chevrolet CamaroBCAMChevrolet Bonus Camaro Z28 - CVPI19
PCPursuit Corvette (Convertible)PCORPursuit Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - CVPI19
PSXPursuit Corvette (Coupe)--
PCChevrolet Corvette (Convertible)CCORChevrolet Corvette Convertible - CVPI19
PSXChevrolet Corvette (Coupe)--
PSXPursuit Caprice--
PSXBonus Chevrolet Corvette--
PC/PSXFerrari 550 MaranelloFM50Ferrari 550 Maranello - Memphis
PCFerrari F50 (No roof)FF50Ferrari F50 (HQ) - Martin Leps
PSXFerrari F50 (With roof)-Ferrari F50 (HQ) - Martin Leps
PC DLCFerrari 360 ModenaFMODFerrari 360 Modena - NFSF1McLaren
PC AUSFord XR8FXR8Ford XR8 - NFSF1McLaren
PC AUSPursuit HSVPHSVPursuit HSV - NFSF1McLaren
PSXPursuit HSV GTS--
PC DLCJaguar XJR-15JXJRJaguar XJR-15 - Bandenchef
PCJaguar XKR (Convertible)JXKRJaguar XKR 4.0 Convertible - NFSF1McLaren
PSXJaguar XKR (Coupe)--
PC/PSXPursuit DiabloPDIAPursuit Diablo - NFSF1McLaren
PC/PSXLamborghini Diablo SVLDIALamborghini Diablo SV - NFSF1McLaren
PC DLCLister StormLSTMLister Storm - Memphis
PCLa NinaELNILa Nina - SnakeCobra
PCPursuit La NinaPELNPursuit La Nina - SnakeCobra
PCMcLaren F1 GTRMCF1McLaren F1 GTR - NFSF1McLaren
PSXMcLaren F1 GTR Longtail--
PC/PSXMercedes SLK 230MSLKMercedes SLK - Memphis
PC JAP/PSXNissan Skyline GTR V.SpecNSKYNissan Skyline GTR V.Spec - AJ_Lethal
PSXBonus Skyline GTRNSKY-
PC/PSXPontiac FirebirdPFIRPontiac Firebird Formula WS6 - F-Body Faction
PC/PSXBonus Porsche 911B911Porsche Bonus 911 Turbo (993) - AJ_Lethal
PC/PSXPorsche 911P911Porsche 911 Turbo - NJ_XJ220
PC/PSXPursuit Porsche 911PP91Pursuit Porsche 911 Turbo - NJ_XJ220
PCTraffic BusBUS.R Traffic Pack Bus - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic Euro BusEBUS.R Traffic Pack Ebus - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic Euro SedanESEDANMazda MX-5 - Team RSR
PCTraffic Euro SemiESEMI.R Traffic Pack Esemi - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic HatchbackHATCHBKToyota Corolla E100 1.3 - NUH_Creations
PCTraffic MinivanMINIVANToyota Picnic - Memphis
PCTraffic PickupPICKUPDodge Ram 1500 - DodgeBoy
PCTraffic 2D SedanSEDAN2Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG - NJ_XJ220
PCTraffic 4D SedanSEDAN4Audi A6 Avant 2.8E - NUH_Creations
PCTraffic SemiSEMIPeterbilt 379 - KvH-DeSiGn
PCTraffic SnowplowSNOWPLOW.R Traffic Pack Snowplow - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic SUVSUVChevrolet Blazer - NJ_XJ220
PCTraffic Truck 50'sTRUCK50SChevrolet Cameo Carrier - luigigroove
PCTraffic WagonWAGONOpel Astra G Caravan Wagon - NUH_Creations
PCTraffic WatertruckWATERTRK.R Traffic Pack Watertrk - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic Pursuit Chopper0000reworked Police Helicopter - FranknFurter
PCTraffic Pursuit CapriceCAPRICEChevrolet Caprice 9C1 LAPD - Zephyr22B/DodgeBoy
PCTraffic Pursuit HatchbackHATCHBKMitsubishi Eclipse GSX-R (D33A) Pursuit - AJ_Lethal
PCTraffic Pursuit SedanSEDANFord Crown Victoria Police - NJ_XJ220
PCTraffic Pursuit SUVSUVLand Rover Discovery Series I Pursuit - AJ_Lethal
PCKnockout TruckKNOCMack CH600 - KvH-DeSiGn

Some cars might include PC/PSX only status due to the differences between PC and PSX (f.e. Chevrolet Camaro T-Top on PSX vs. Chevrolet Camaro Convertible on PC).
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on: Sep 07, 2019, 3:38 PM
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Suddenly whole research through the topic led to the personal pack which includes all mentioned cars above, not to mention a lot of tracks. So as for now, it seems like whole NFSHS almost covered by great replacements by lot of authors. Only completely missing things now are MHRT Commodore and Bonus Nissan Skyline from PC and PSX versions accordingly.
As for the other cars, there are still some cases (like AMDB7 Vantage and Formula WS6) which are not 100% representations of vanilla HS cars in my cars list.
So, does anyone tried to update/create HS packs with suitable vanilla replacements recently? Wondering how does it looks from others side.

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on: Sep 08, 2019, 7:39 AM
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Nice work on your list.

When I run NFS4 I select cars from a certain era. I don't think about replacements.

f.e. Afer watching an old French movie I decide to select '70's Citroens/Renaults, with sometimes yellow headlights.

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on: Sep 08, 2019, 12:47 PM
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Good job!
I'm using DrSpeed's Phantom as La Nina replacement and NFSF1's 550 as it has upgrades. ;)

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on: Feb 02, 2020, 10:00 AM
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Nice List! ...But you can complete it a little more now:

- Chevrolet Camaro Coupe:     CVPI19     (
- Chevrolet Corvette Coupe:    CVPI19     (
- Bonus Chevrolet Corvette:    CVPI19     (
- Chevrolet Caprice Pursuit:     XJ220       (different versions available on this site)
- Chevrolet Corvette Pursuit:   XJ220       (here on NFSaddons again...)
- Jaguar XKR (Coupe):                  XJ220       (here...)
- Titan:                                                   DrSpeed   (NFSAddons again)
- Phantom:                                          DrSpeed   (NFSAddons)
- McLaren F1 GTR Longtail:     Pomfrit and Venom800TT (NFSAddons)

and I would say the Traffic Minivan "MINIVAN" looks much more like a Dodge Grand Caravan (Dodgeboy - NFSAddons)


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