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Oct 17, 2019, 4:12 AM

Need For Speed Rivals? Should I get it?

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Author Topic: Need For Speed Rivals? Should I get it?  (Read 920 times)

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on: Jul 11, 2019, 7:32 PM
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Now that I'll be having a job soon, I think I want to get into newer NFS, but the only NFS that are actually appealing seem to be NFSHP2010, and Rivals. I lost interest into Most Wanted after revealing that the Punto could be faster than the exotics in there, and the only thing interesting about Underground series are the aggressive AI and sense of speed. NFSUG1 feels so much faster than NFSHP2(PS2) even with McLaren, but I could argue that NFSHS also have that sense of speed. I could change both depending if I'm not so much into Burnout mood. Would you recommend Rivals, and does it feel like the classic NFS?

Particularly these ones:

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on: Jul 12, 2019, 10:43 AM
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I personally haven't played Rivals yet (although I did buy it when the Microsoft store had a sale on it), so I'm not much help. But still nothing can beat the classic NFS in my opinion

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on: Jul 13, 2019, 3:12 PM
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I always find it difficult to recommend games, because NFS is such a personal thing, but I think I'd choose Hot Pursuit (2010) over Rivals.
To which I'll add right away that I only played Rivals for a few days and I just couldn't get into it. This may be influenced that it didn't run that well on my then-pc, and I just was getting a bit burnt out on racing games.

At the same time HP also has its dislikers, racing is largely a matter of collecting and then using nitro, much more than in the older games, and the physics aren't very realistic. Many people didn't like the auto-drifting behavior all cars had in the corners. And some found the Burnout-style slowmotion crash camera effects distracting from the actual racing. I think both have a good sense of speed, check on Youtube to see for yourself.

Both games have the same idea: an open world with varying scenery, where you can play as a racer or a cop. In both you can use classic pursuit tools like roadblocks, spike strips and helicopters, but both also have new weapons like EMP and Jammers. In Rivals you have to drive to the location to strat an event, in HP you get to choose them from the menu.

I personally like the graphics in Hot Pursuit, they still look good almost 10 years later, and naturally, the system demands are a little lower than those of Rivals. I think the scenery is rich, varied and colorful. Rivals' graphics may be more photorealistic, but I never liked the washed out colors and dark shadows, I'm just not a fan of the Frostbite engine. Hot Pursuit has a day and night cycle, Rivals only dynamic weather. Lost of events in HP have a set night and weather choice though, you're not free to choose like in NFS3/4.

As a fan of the classics you may appreciate that Hot Pursuit's presentation nods very much to the early NFS games: the cars are divided in separate tiers just like the old A/B/C etc. classes, so you never end up with your Impreza against a Koenigsegg. All cars come with official manufacturer's paint colors, there is no paint mixing and no vinyls, bodykits, etc. There's a wide range from (then) modern sports/super cars, from a Porsche Boxster to a Bugatti Veyron. There's even an old fashioned voice over introduction for each car. Pretty much all brands are present except Ferrari (which is a plus Rivals has over HP).

Personal like about HP:
- as a screenshot nut: brilliant Photo mode with endless possibilities, the best in any NFS, I loved it (so of course EA being EA, they dropped it in the next game).
- Can be good chaotic fun during high speed pursuit races.
- Besides speed or handling, in pursuit races you also have to think about the robustness of your car. Generally, heavier cars like the Shelby GT500 or the Bentley can take a lot more damage than the lighter Zonda or Porsche 918.

Personal dislikes about HP:
- DLC only for consoles  :(
- Time trial type race events can be very frustrating.
- Freedrive is nice but there is nothing to do, no cops or events, all you can do is look for a nice Photo location.
- Unlike Rivals, there is no visual or performance upgrading your cars at all, meaning that your orange McLaren F1 looks and goes exactly the same as all other orange Mclarens in the game.

Sorry for the long post, hope it gives you an idea what I think of HP 2010. As I said, I've only scratched the surface of Rivals so I'm not the right person to give an in depth opinion, maybe someone else is?
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