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Jun 24, 2019, 10:40 AM

I Love Sports

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on: Oct 28, 2018, 2:50 PM
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  • ***
Hockey: I bet the Colorado will win "Stanley" this season, but its not what I try to figure out in this topic...

I know you but it is fine to me. (heeding) Oh well. Ive noticed how many leaders at (scorers, players) are raised at such early stage. No names, just my eye opened at that. / Id like to mention Football (soccer) too but, nothing I know about it in the internet. However, I spied for World Cup this year, and I supported the France and Spain teams. Lotta lags comes from of the beers I was drank. Was extremely fun and unfun per once (beside with PC). And gotta say 1 month ago I played it myself for a first time in real life, and knowing of what excactly this *** is for...

Snooker - Oh man...! Its been lost interest to watch it online to, since Spring. But its great sport! Indeed ***. Mark Selby by the way is representing my nickname at nfsaddons by the way. Me, I can speak about Snooker long, but wouldnt... / The Golf. Oh ***. All my clubs get *** this year. And did it absolutely for no reason. More over, I *** hited the tennis ball by the golf club called "woods" for more than 100 meters! Can you believe this ?? The acceleration of tennis and golf balls are very different. I might say that tennis balls x3 times dumber and slower! Also, since clubs are ***, was able to did same stuff with other staff - hazel sticks !

Thats all about the Sport. Though, is nothing to discuss about it to me with somebody, because I *** at details. I will just input here the slang and names that got to be mentioned (to draw attention) Lets try:
"ball spin"
"Kobe Bryant: which retire year, eh?"
"baseball ball go nuts"
"I dont like Forsberg. Dunno"
"The Snooker is in your house"
"Left leg, right leg"
"Im full of gifts. 1st place goes to longest woods on planet"
"I did Not consider GB as idiot! And award that knows who is GB is goes to Gary Bettman"
"I hope Alexey Ovechkin will loose another tooth this year"
"Man, what the ... is the rules of baseball?"
"The Snooker. err.. brown.. err yellow.. err blue. Jeez or maybe just a beer"
"Throw? Am I looks like *** ?"
"Ping Pong!"
Thats all I think. All I tryed to figure out.

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