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Pursuit 1966 Mustang GT

Pursuit 1966 Mustang GT
The third '60s Mustang that Ryan T created for NFS HS was this white Pursuit version, complete with retro lightbar and sheriff driving. The one you see here was only ever released in the Detroit Muscle mod for NFS4 (it has the wrong vidwall in the screenshots because it replaced the Pursuit Corvette). The only official standalone release was a much earlier, lowpoly version, or so I thought.
Until, about a week ago (honestly) I came across Ryan's personal site on the Internet Archive that was only online for a few months in 2002, and that still had a newer, final version of the Pursuit Stang... except that (much to my surprise) it was black. Rather than upload them both separately, I decided to pack the white version in as a bonus to the black one, the latter being the 'official' release.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class A
Vidwall No Serial # 35
Windows Clear Licence Plate
Top Speed 129 mph
207 kmh
Polycount 4503
Driver Animated

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noise - 11 months ago
Great discovery (or recovery maybe).
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MADMAN_nfs - 11 months ago
Thanks Remko, for uploading these mods and the additional info.
The black version has a tga file with higher resolution.
RyanT locked the car.viv and the tga-file itself, though.
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noise - 11 months ago
Hmm... annoying, there's also a .TXT file in the CAR.VIV to prevent access. Carchecker is able to open the car.viv, so you can delete the .TXT.

Not many differences with the ''old'' one, except white striping and another policebadge on the doors.The colors can be changed, so black is optional.
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Remko - 11 months ago
True, the other cars by CPD and JP Racing are also locked, which is no coincidence, because at the time, illegal conversions to other games were really getting out of control.

By the way, the url of the above mentioned page for Ryan's NFS cars was Link if anyone wants to look it up on the Wayback Machine.
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NFS POLICE FORCE - 11 months ago
He had some great cars . I posted them on my site but people said thy were stolen . I took them down .
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noise - 11 months ago
@NFS Police Force:
Ryan T.'s '66 mustang pursuit is still availible at NFS Police H.Q. actually.
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NFS POLICE FORCE - 10 months ago
Sorry my mistake
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