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Skyline GT-R R34 Lnr Edition
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Author: Tails
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Car converted by Tails_16v
Type of mod: Car
Model: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Lnr Edition
Replaces: SKYLINE
Known bugs: None so far.

Car can be customized with:
-exhaust tips
-bodykit (rollcage)
-window tints
-vinyls (just some)
-some other bits

EA Games -Car & wheels models (NFS:PS, NFS:C)
Turn 10 - Hood model (FM3)
Riva - Ripping the FM3 Skyline
nfsu360 - Mod Tools

How to install the mod:
1. Back up all original files!
2. Replace original textures and geometry with those from package. Just copy them to CARS/SKYLINE folder.
3. Install wheel position with NFS-CfgInstaller which you can find in Config folder.
4. Download NFS-TexEd-0.9.1 and replace textures #296, #664, #1077 and #1440 in CARS/SKYLINE/VINYLS.bin with custom
liveries from the folder Vinyls/Custom liveries.
5. Replace some unique vinyls with the converted Pro Street liveries from Vinyls/Pro Street liveries folder.
6. Replace textures #164, #165, #447 and #1713 with the stripes from Vinyls/Stripes folder.
7. Open the game and enjoy your improoved Skyline!

NOTE: I've included the debug file from NFS: Pro Street. The debug is NOT 100% accurate, so be aware that you'll
need some extra adjustments on the vinyl after you create it to fit the debug.

Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but not upload any part of this mod.

13.8.2012 - v1.1 - a few minor bugfixes (new taillight dummies, minor material changes)

Visitor Comments

Comment By: WiLL
May 12, 2018 - 3:20pm

Hi Tails Looks like a Nicer Upload... In these Hard day's ) Bud, I'm asking you my UG'2 has this car already. Why did you do this Model? an what's better of your Mod. This have better detail an all that? I need to Fire up that old game an install this if I can Remember how to. :D Looks Great! Bro thanks too! No Cops to Bug, us in UG'2 is kind of nicer ;)

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Comment By: Tails
May 13, 2018 - 3:18am

I did this one because it's sort of my signature car - it doesn't have many tuning options, but it comes pre-tuned the way I like it. It is more detailed than the original NFS:U2 Skyline, which is a bonus.

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Comment By: WiLL
May 13, 2018 - 7:32pm

Hey, there I had to say that I like this Dominating, Beast!)) In Circuit X races, I haven't did any, Drifts or drag races yet. An I found many not Completed in my Career mode like you told me) hey, thanks for this Ride... I really like Her!

Cause I'm finally winning lol,an no, cheats are on) do you know if there is any INI file Cam hacks, like the out there? To Get better pics. Really getting into this old UG'2 I never did long ago!. Cheers! Tails yw. Sure only drive this as nite falls to be able see better )

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Comment By: Tails
May 16, 2018 - 9:50am

Unfortunately, I don't know about any ini file cam hacks, as I don't use them myself. Replays work just fine for what I need.

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