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Ford Mustang GT 1968 with Powerful Nitro
Ford Mustang GT 1968 with Powerful Nitro Enlarge Image 3 User Screens
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Author: Tiago Machado
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1968 Mustang GT whit Powerfull Nitro
From: Ford Street Racing

Can be costumized whit:
-body kits
-roof scoops
-body paint
-window paint
-wheel paint

-no decals
-no numbers

-Tires:BF Goodrich
-Wheels:From FSR

Warning:this car not disponible in other sites.

Thanks for watching
By Tiago Machado

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Comment By: Haavikk
Oct 4, 2011 - 8:58pm

this mod is alot of fun

thank you for your time and work you put into it

its making my NFSMW alot more fun

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