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Country Woods (Hi-Res)
Country Woods (Hi-Res) 3 more screens
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Author: AJ_Lethal

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An extensive renovation of Country Woods, with new textures, objects and various fixes.

New textures (from my Hometown [Hi-Res] track, NFSPU, NFSU, NFSU2, NFSMW, KOF, internet pictures and scratch made)
Track geometry slightly modified (new objects in gas station, school; fixed some houses and barriers)
Tweaked replay cameras

Installation (make backups first!):
Extract this file... ...into this folder
Used tools:
If you would like to modify and/or distribute this mod, please:

keep this readme file without any alterations whatsoever (in case of just sharing this mod around)
give me proper credit (AJ_Lethal) for creating the mod
Seriously, respecting those conditions is not hard at all. Unless you're terminally dumb or a shameless, talentless hack.

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Comment By: WiLL
Nov 2, 2017 - 9:02pm

I Finally Got the Files an,Extracted AJ_L it was Great... So Now i have to say what's on my Mind now. cricket,cricket :P ;) I Liked the New Textures you did an even Fixed Up my Old Half Snow Tree? I Liked the USA Flag very well Done! Bro :) an
And, The People in there,the Red Haired guy, Waving his hands Thru- his Hair was Funny, it was. all this by my Memory now. Great Job PaL :)

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Comment By: MADMAN_nfs
Nov 3, 2017 - 10:08am

Cool rework of the original track. Especially the high school looks gorgeous!

@AJ: The winterly reworked textures of your hometown track are also nice. But maybe you should use more variations of the road texture, so it does not look so repetitive.
New replay cameras. Awesome.

Great work.

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