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1957 Oldsmobile Super 88
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The 1949 Oldsmobile 88 was arguably the first muscle car, and dominated NASCAR until the Hudson Hornet and Chrysler 300 were introduced. The 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 continued to be a performance leader, featuring a optional triple carburator engine, which produced 300hp, enough to propel this 4200 pound muscle car to 60mph in less than 7 seconds.

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Comment By: Shenlong
Feb 19, 2003 - 9:00pm

Still have this in my folder from when it was released. The Rocket V-8 sounds quite cool.

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Comment By: joebutler
Apr 14, 2008 - 3:10pm

I drove a J2 (3 carb) in 63 and another in 72. I would love to have one.
There was also a J2R under rated at 312hp. When Lee Petty drove one 147mph on the sand at Daytona NASCAR disallowed both the J2 and J2R. Petty had to drive the 277hp (4 barrel) version. He won the NASCAR Championship anyway. I think this upload is great.

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