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Accord Ultimate VI
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Author: SYC Motors
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This is a SYC Motors modified 1997 Accord LX type-R

B4: 170hp
2.4L Horizontal Inline 4
4 speed auto
TOP 250Kph
0-60 4.14

After: 320hp
2.4L Horizontal Inline 4
6 speed tiptronic
2 T.O.R.K chargers
TOP 300Kph
0-60 3.5
0-100 7.59
1/4 mile 11.4
1000m 20.28

Thanks to
Savidge and Donnie Briscoe for the front bumper and the spoiler, Kremet for the Mags.

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Comment By: gtho351
Jul 17, 2002 - 9:00pm

Intake, wing, mags... mmm! SYC, well done fellaz, sweet ride! Bit too fast tho eh? lol ;)

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