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1955 Bel Air Sport Coupe
1955 Bel Air Sport Coupe Enlarge Image 3 User Screens
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Author: Shaundaddy
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There's something special about this car; it's the 1000th NFS HS addon car on the NFSgarage since we started over again in 2002. For that occasion, I thought it'd be nice and pick an addon that has been discussed in the forums not too long ago but was never available on any other site until now.
This 1955 Bel Air was done back in 2001 by Shaundaddy, who we know as the maker of an equally nice 1957 Chevy as well as a '57 Nomad. Even though it's an unfinished beta(Shaun never finished it 100%), it has some great details such as the hood ornament, chrome trim and contemporary two-tone colours.
I apologize for not sharing it sooner, I never meant to keep it from everyone else, I just never got around to preparing it for upload. Please enjoy this car and the fact that we broke into 4 digits. :)

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Comment By: Remko
Nov 2, 2006 - 1:54pm

This car was featured in a few SOTDs, which had people asking where thye could get a hold of it. I didn't intentionally save it until we reached the 1000 mark, but I saw it as a good reason to get of my ass and get this thing ready for download...

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Comment By: Remko
Nov 2, 2006 - 1:58pm

By the way, those thumb and bigger version are quite old (anti-aliasing? wut?) :P but the User screens are more recent.

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Comment By: noise
Nov 3, 2006 - 10:30am

Thanks for sharing Remko.I still have cars from good old carmakers like Yuriy Antipin / Hrvoje Mrkovic / FiveSpeed / Ryan T. in my collection.They are just ....irreplaceable.

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