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1975/76 Plymouth Fury Calgary City Police
1975/76 Plymouth Fury Calgary City Police Enlarge Image 3 User Screens
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Author: Baardk and FranknFurter
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1975/76 Plymouth Fury 'Calgary City Police' (Calgary Police Service, 'CPS')

Original car author: Baardk (1977 Plymouth Fury)

.. this is the first Police cruiser based on my 1975/76 Fury rework and dedicated to my friend Max (BrabusAMG) of NFS Police H.Q.

The convertible option hides or lets the side windows appear ..

Unzip to a new folder 'FCPS' in your NFS\Data\Cars directory, extract '' to your '\traffic\pursuit\sedan' folder

Copy, move or extract 'FCPS.QFS' to your NFS\Data\FeArt\VidWall folder and ..

have fun!

FranknFurter @ / NFS Police H.Q.

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