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Author: MADMAN
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This vehicle is a replica of "The Slicer" from the (unfinished) movie
"Gone In 60 Seconds: 2" filmed by H.B. Halicki in 1989.

The vehicle has been built from scratch.

Gameplaywise this is a fun-car, meant to cause total carnage!
In memory of Driver's "Freight Train" cheat and the "Solid Granite Car"
from the Carmageddon series :)

Manual gearbox has NOS in reverse gear!



-660 polies
-scratch built
-extremely heavy (Unstoppable)
-extremely fast
-Pop-Up lights
-Movie Color + customizable colors

If you modify or upload any part from this mod, name me (MADMAN) as originator and leave a comment on my Youtube channel please (or at least on this Webpage). Thank you.

Installation instructions on ZIP file.

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