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« on: February 01, 2016, 06:51:15 PM »
Hi... Long day, was for me just Tired...now days, Some.
I wanted show, my pals on here, I got this 'Game Pad' today, I needed badly!. Cause my old one I've had almost 10+yrs. Died last nite. I used along time on Nfs4Hs just miss it is all. :-\
But it was making me pissed,, for long time. Lol, In Trash can it went.

So my only big store my Area, had this one. Cause I had, to have a, USB Connection, for the Pc. So got this "Xbox 360" job..? They any good.? U think.
What bugs me is, it hasn't as many buttons as my last old one. 😨 so I can only seem to have the Major- Important things Selected.. Like look back, hand brake, change Cam, Horn or Lights.. So anyways it Works Sweet but  maybe I should of looked online got it cheaper..?

Then, i would have had to wait a week? to Enjoy old Nfs4 again.
So any, if you guy's ever use this Controller on the Pc.
I think its harder to use some,than my last old one :/
Less buttons, sure charge a lot for cheap plastic! anymore.... ...
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