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General NFS / SFX 4LOWER Intercom
« Last post by Geminiyo on April 20, 2018, 02:36:11 AM »
This is brand new SFX to HS. None (if I am sure) of effects was touched from original except:
The car shadow: Im absolutely sure this is the best variation from any other I have made. Its Artistical but its still an partially the shadow of the sun but one time its the shadow under the car. Its blured perfectly - as much as Photoshop allow to all "that".

The tire trace on asphalt: Was using it since 2017 or 2016 its nearly perfectly suits to me. Its did not bothers to look when racing and its still sharpened well, contrasted and absolutely visible on asphalt.

The smoke of asphalt: I perfermed the changes to make smoke to be ballanced by brightness over original and "white" smoke. Thinking, I got lucky making very "good feeling" texture. I tested it for couple of hours.

Have fun!
General NFS / Re: MW chats
« Last post by WiLL on April 19, 2018, 03:36:47 PM »
Hi Madman later Reply, I had my Dr.app I went to today,an all were having major Snow Melt down, now. An, since a foot last Friday. OK topic, did you say I should look, for the words, Blom effect, in the Registry , also I still need to turn, off being a 0 in. That Setting, an so is there a Bloom setting I'm asking?

OK you said u don't have the game. So I try look more for it later , an turn off the Visual treatment, I put it on low settings, an so 0 for that. Thanks for pic info.
General NFS / Re: MW Install Issues (
« Last post by MADMAN_nfs on April 19, 2018, 06:53:08 AM »
The pic is from this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MLPLounge/comments/19m1ct/i_figured_out_how_to_turn_off_the_shitty_brown/

Thought you mentioned that one in your previous reply.
Well, as far as i know, you can disable some filters in the menu options of the game. Some need to be disabled via registry tweak (like you described before).
Can't assist you with further details, since i not have the game installed.

General NFS / .
« Last post by WiLL on April 18, 2018, 02:50:43 PM »
Hi there hey, that looks way nicer MM_nfs can you tell me, were that's located at this, Visual Treatment?
in game settings, or out game settings, or a Hack?
Also Madman I'm also having a View in game problem with my selected buttons, on my Game pad, I'm doing all ok, but in game, the car won't change at all to Bumper, Hood, or anything  :(
I just have that Far View an not Great for intense racing
It just Flickers,jumps around not normal,so in there not Normal, so I think I have to Re-install it all, but don't feel like it ugh..

What CD is it you think has the Game Controller Files u think, maybe copy it over off the CD u think?
Really Liked your Pic, there, yes Visual on, is way to yellow bright yucky I agree.
so I wished, I could get this fixed, ttul. If not I try find out.  ???
I used some hat switch's, an X an Y, setting I can pull the car closer to me,helps more. Still no bumper, or usable, Hood view,crazy rite. Yes Madman I just , turned off the Visual its better now ) sure is a Funky, game tho. I finally seen the place.
General NFS / Re: MW Install Issues (
« Last post by MADMAN_nfs on April 18, 2018, 06:39:01 AM »
Oh yeah, that game is indeed a great example how you can overdo blur and bloom effects :)
If you ask me, the game looks a lot better without these layers of after-effects...

I think it is save to delete the copied contents Will, would be suprising if the nocd is reading from that path. If you're not sure, simply rename the folder and try if the game is still running... then delete.
General NFS / Re: Looking for Ryuji Kainoh's cars!
« Last post by BoxCarRacer on April 17, 2018, 07:22:05 PM »
Hey guys,

Do you mind posting the links. I would also like to backup Ryuji's Cars.  :afro:


General NFS / .
« Last post by WiLL on April 16, 2018, 07:40:39 AM »
I had a feeling, this was the Trouble, MM thanks for this also wondering, how big the game is on all 4-5 CDs I have one CD is a Bonus clips or something? So it be a huge copy over, I need to delete them copy over files now. 

edited Here: Well I got to this part, not sure I need the, d3dx9_26.dll found out it. do you think I can uninstall the CD files I had to copy, to get it going but game is Installed all the way now. Was Great )

Also,found out how turn off, Motion Blur, when driving faster, it was inside of Rededit, HkY- Machice- Software- Eagames- then, right click on the motion blur, tab put a 0 in that box. Done so was great someone told me about this. )

So I think, I have a better install of MW than last time, with Tweaks, an hacks, setup, so its Cool Beans now with this, crazy car game. I need find out how take better, pics in game hard, since no replay mode in here,far as know. Got er,running )
General NFS / Re: MW Install Issues (
« Last post by MADMAN_nfs on April 16, 2018, 02:59:07 AM »
It's not a DirectX issue. A short google search revealed, the problem seems to be the installer of Most Wanted.

Quote from: Wizardll (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/927142-need-for-speed-most-wanted/41189542)
I had the same problem installing on XP x64. Got around it by copying the entire CD to a folder. You can now edit the file Autorun.cfg in the Autorun folder. There is a line for DirectX version set it = to 0. (instead of 9.0.c). Now you can install. You'll probably also need to find d3dx9_26.dll on the internets and put it in the install directory afterward.

General NFS / .
« Last post by WiLL on April 15, 2018, 02:54:01 PM »
OK, I tried rebooting, am still no go. Why do you think will help for JustFun598 an thanks for the link.

I already did a big Reply then my Damn, Browser crashed on Mobile..  ::) so I try an say,i just downloaded this small web Dx fix justfun598 but it say's it's already installed like just as good.
So anyways I'm real Stumped at this I did a lot snow shoveling today back hurts enough.. so
icy wet snow like sand, sugar crazy it is. Well I wished I get this running ever again,if I ever do,with this run with out a No-CD Crack cause I don't want run it off the CD's who ever does.
An NFS UG'2 runs pretty good not crashing anymore, I re-went thru, more the Video card settings, looks better to ) so an I can do HS so I'm not to bummed out. Sure is a Dumb like Mystery this is?
General NFS / Re: MW Install Issues (
« Last post by justfun598 on April 15, 2018, 01:34:11 PM »
Try downloading "DirectX Web Setup" and install it and then run installation of the game again.

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